Welcome to Quality Dog Resources

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Let me introduce myself. My name is James Grayston and I’m the Editor of QualityDogResources.com.

And there’s a photo of me with Sylvie and Flo-the two dogs that I own currently.

I choose to start the blog at the start of Lockdown in early 2020.

This was a period when I was spending more time at home with my dogs.

After reading about the increase in the number of dog owners during this period, I wanted to share some of my experience with these new dog owners.

In the last fifteen years I have owned four dogs, all of them Golden Retrievers.

That is a lot of time to make some mistakes and learn lots of new skills and information.

You can learn more about me here and find different ways of contacting me here– or just look at my contact details at the bottom of every page.