How To Block Stairs From A Dog

Has your dog got too big for their boots and just roams around the whole house as if they own the place? Or is clearing up after your dog upstairs and downstairs simply too much? In today’s article I look some of the different ways that you can use to block the stairs from your …

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Why Is My Dog Suddenly Hiding In My Closet?

Has your dog suddenly started to hide in your closet? Did you stumble upon them accidentally just as you were sorting some laundry out? There are plenty of strange places for our dogs to hide under bits of furniture  These include: beds, tables, sofas and the stairs! Like so many other things, there are good …

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Can I Give My Dog Baking Soda For Upset Stomach?

baking soda upset stomach

I’m quite interested in the variety of ways that baking soda can be used with our dogs. I have written articles about whether baking soda can be sprinkled on dogs, what to do if your dog ingests too much of it and whether it can be used to cure your dog’s bad breath.  But in …

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Can Dog Barking Hurt Babies’ Ears?

can dog barking hurt baby ears

Have you just noticed that your not so charming dog is startling your beautiful baby when they bark? Has it got to the point where you can’t tolerate the yapping any longer?  Well in this article I look at how noisy our homes are and how precious a baby’s hearing is.  Let’s start with our …

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Why are dogs scared of smoke?

I own a beautiful golden retriever who for some reason or other is full of anxiety. This has led me to become more interested in how anxiety and fear works (or doesn’t in dogs.) Other articles that I have written around the topic are scattered throughout this post. And this article deals specifically with a …

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Why does my dog poop so much on walks?

Dog poop is not a topic that is high on our list of things to discuss when it comes to our dogs and understandably so.  Did you know that in the U.S. alone dogs produce about ten million tonnes of poop?  And of course for individual owners it can be a huge issue- clearing up …

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Which Dog Breeds Have Whip Tails?

which breeds have whip tails

Dogs have different types of tail, and each type of tail generally identifies the type of breed. The tail is the most expressive part of a dog, by looking at the tail of your canine, you can know exactly what your dog is feeling, whether she’s excited, frightened or upset.  Some dogs have tails that …

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Why Are Dogs Scared Of Fire

why are dogs scared of fire

One of the upsides of Lockdown is that we have spent more time in our gardens. And this extra time has given some of us the opportunity to get our garden ship shape. As part of that you might have had the odd bonfire or two. And you might have noticed something a bit unsettling. …

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How Big Do Mini French Bulldog’s Get?

Thinking of adding a new pup to your family? If so, then you really need to weigh your options out. There are plenty of dog breeds that you can choose from. Many people nowadays are into French bulldogs. Since they are small, they are a perfect addition to a family that lives in a small …

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