Will Olive Oil Fix A Bowel Obstruction In My Dog?

can olive oil fix bowel obstruction dog

Is your dog struggling to poop? Is he constantly retching and vomiting? And has he been refusing meals and looking miserable? Maybe he has something stuck somewhere in his gastrointestinal tract. Dogs are notorious for always sniffing things they find lying around, and they take almost anything they find interesting into their mouths.  When a …

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How To Hydrate A Dog With Diarrhea

rehydate dog diarrhea

If you are a pet owner, you probably already know how important it is to keep your dog hydrated, but did you know, that if your dog loses more than 10% of the water in his body, he could get very sick and even die? Dogs need water just like humans, and they can’t exactly …

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Can I Leave My Dog In The Car At Night?

Can I leave my dog in car at night

Before you get mad as a hornet, please hear me out first. First of all, I love my dogs, and I also know it might not be safe to leave them in the car. However, I do understand why other owners don’t have a choice but to leave their dogs in a car at night. …

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Why Is My Dog Afraid Of Flies?

The first time you witness such a thing it’s quite comical – a big fierce dog scrambling to hide under the bed whimpering at the sight of one innocent fly buzzing around. Only it’s not comical at all for your poor pet. Truth is many dogs, large or small, are afraid of flies or other …

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Can Worms Cause Hair Loss In Dogs?

do worms cause hair loss in dogs Edited

Have you just noticed that your dog is losing hair after having recently been treated for an infestation of worms of one sort or another? Although it is not impossible, it is incredibly unlikely that this hair loss is due to worms.  And let me start by explaining why… Top Treatments Worms Even if your …

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My Puppy Is Skinny But Eats

my puppy is skinny but eats

There are many reasons why your puppy could be skinny even though he eats a lot. It could be because of his breed. Some breeds have very little body fat and have naturally slender bodies. For other breeds though, it could mean that there is an underlying body condition or your dog burns more calories …

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How To Soften Deer Antlers For Dogs

how to soften deer antlers 1

The 2016 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife-Associated Recreation shows that about 8.1 million people hunt deer annually. And as far as big game goes, deer is the most popular. If you are a hunter yourself, you might be wondering if your harvest would benefit your dog too, particularly the deer antlers. The question …

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French Bulldog Limping On It’s Back Leg? 11 Possible Causes

french bulldog limping back leg

In a previous article, I tried to answer the question why do French Bulldogs sit funny and a concern that came out of that was about French Bulldogs limping on their back legs- which is the focus of today’s post. All Frenchies are adorable, and they hardly ever sit still, even when they’re dog tired. …

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How Do I Crate Train My French Bulldog At Night?

crate train french bulldog at night

Crate training. In some circles, this is a controversial notion, but we’ve noticed that Frenchies love having a private space to call their own. It is a place for cuddles with their favorite blanky or toy, and a place to keep them out of harm’s way if you’re out for a bit. Experts say that …

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Do French Bulldogs Shed Like Pugs?

Do French Bulldogs shed like pugs

Dogs are awesome. One look at those puppy eyes and they crawl straight into your heart. You’ve recently decided that you need another pooch in your life, but you can’t choose between Pugs and French Bulldogs. Why not get the one that sheds the least, right? Turns out that, while both of these breeds shed …

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