9 Dog Breeds With White Tipped Tails

Two Basset Hounds with white tipped tails playing in a garden

Welcome to my post about dog breeds with white tipped tails.  Like most physical features in a dog, a white tipped tail is there for a good reason. And the reason is that a white tipped tail can be more easily spotted when a dog is in thick vegetation or long grass. These white tips …

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10 Small Wire Haired Dog Breeds

small breeds with wire hair

If you are looking for a small wire coated dog as the latest addition to your family, then you have chosen very wisely. You see, one of the breeds in my list is the Wire Haired Fox Terrier. And not only is this breed famous for being the cartoon character Tintin’s beloved dog, but Wire …

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11 Large Black And Tan Dogs

Large black and tan dog breeds

When you think of classic black and tan dogs, you think of the big dog breeds. The most obvious choices would be the Doberman and the Rottweiler, which are at the start of my list. But there are other lesser known large dog breeds that have black and tan coats and I hope that you …

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How to Prepare Marrow Bones For Dogs?

how to prepare marrow bones for dogs

Like parents of toddlers, some dog owners are looking for that silver bullet.  The item, activity or distraction that will occupy the dog and give us a bit of “me” time- without the constant pestering. Are marrow bones your silver bullet? And if so, how should you prepare them before giving them to your dog?  …

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Why Is My Dog Suddenly Scared Of The Hallway?

Dog scared hallway

It’s the weirdest thing for a pet owner! The happy dog he’s had for a few years now suddenly develops a fear of walking a nondescript hallway no one would find scary. And yet, there he is – a big strong animal who wouldn’t mind chasing the neighbor’s cat into the nearest tree adamantly refuses …

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Can Dog’s Eat Cartilage?

Can dogs eat cartilage

A dog gnawing on a bone, furiously guarding it or digging a hole to hide it. We all grew up with this image so throwing a dog a bone seems the most natural thing in the world. However, in an era where people buy pet food at the store, many dog owners shudder at the …

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What Is A Bland Diet For A Dog With Ulcers?

what is a bland diet for dog with ulcers

Is your dog suffering from a loss of appetite? Does he seem weak? It’s so hard to tell what’s wrong with a pet, as he has no way of letting you know he’s in pain. One health issue many pet owners tend to overlook is ulcers. A dog with ulcers? Unfortunately, yes, dogs can get …

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Bulldogs With Long Legs? Are They For Real?

bulldogs with long legs

Bulldog puppies are so cute, aren’t they? You feed them, you cuddle them, yet by the time they get to 10 weeks or so you start noticing something strange. In a previous post I wrote about French Bulldogs with long legs, which has generated a lot of interest from owners of bulldogs with long legs… …

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Is it legal to keep a dog in the garage?

is it legal to keep a dog in a garage

Some people allow their pets to sleep in their beds, while others think a dog has no business being in the house. If you’re among the latter, the easiest alternative would be keeping the dog in the garage, but is it legal? That depends on a lot of factors, such as the living conditions in …

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Why Is My Dog Not Drinking Water and Lethargic?

Dog not drinking water and lethargic

There are many reasons why a dog won’t drink water and lie in his corner and some of them can indicate a serious health problem. Here is a look at the most common illnesses that can cause your dog’s sudden change of behavior. Common Infections that Cause Lethargy in Dogs Parvovirus Parvovirus is a disease …

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