How Much Beef Should I Feed My Dog Everyday?

How Much Beef Should I Feed My Dog Everyday

Have you just read about another dog food recall on Facebook? Or is your dog growing tired of eating his kibble day in day out. It’s time for a change and you are thinking of jazzing things up by adding some beef into his diet. But how appropriate would it be to start feeding your …

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Can Dogs Eat Beef Liver?

can dogs eat beef liver

If you are anything like me, you are always looking to expand your dog’s diet. There is always the struggle between finding something that they are going to love, and making sure that it is something that is going to be good for their overall health. Recently I found myself looking at adding beef liver …

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Can Dogs Eat Raw Ground Beef?

can dogs eat raw ground beef

Eating raw ground beef can make you or your dog sick- it’s nice like that! In all likelihood it won’t make your dog sick but potentially raw ground beef contains bacteria. And the main suspects are salmonella, e coli and yersinia. Salmonella can kill- the real threat comes from poultry but beef can be contaminated …

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Can Dogs Eat Meatballs?

dogs eat meatballs

Meatballs are universal. This simple dish defies time and space. No one knows who made the first meatball, but we should thank them nevertheless for their yummilicious invention. Ancient Chinese ate meatballs, and so did the Romans and the Greeks. The reason behind their popularity lies in a very practical fact – some cuts of …

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Can Dogs Eat Fat Trimmings?

can dogs eat fat trimmings

You love your dog and once in a while, you want to indulge him with a treat. You probably already know that chocolates, walnuts, onions, avocado and grapes are some of the huge no no’s when it comes to dog food. But what about fat trimmings? Sounds like something your cannine friend would appreciate doesn’t …

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Can Dogs Eat Suet?

can dogs eat suet

I’m going to let you in on a little secret about me. I am what I call a homemade foodie. That means that I love to try new foods, but even more that I love to cook them at home. This means I am often experimenting with new ingredients in my meals. One of the …

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Can Dogs Eat Corned Beef?

can dogs eat corned beef

Corned beef is an easy solution when you don’t have much time to cook, and it does taste yummy, but can you share this type of quick meal with your dog?  Many people would assume that it’s OK since it’s basically meat. However, when you have a closer look at the ingredients in a can …

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Can Dogs Eat Ravioli?

can dogs eat ravioli

Offering your furry companion a bit of whatever it is you’re having for dinner is such a natural thing to do and yet most pet owners are well aware most human foods aren’t good for their dogs. Not all of them, obviously, which brings us to the question of ravioli. Can a dog eat ravioli? …

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Can Dogs Eat Beef Or Steak Fat?

A chunky portion of beef with a couple of layers of fat going through it

Fat is an integral part of dogs’ diet; they rely on it in order to stay healthy. But, while our canine friends can eat more fats than we do, too much fat can also be bad for them. And today, I want to focus on steak or beef fat. As responsible dog owners, we want …

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Can Dogs Eat Raw Hamburger?

can dogs eat raw hamburger 1

A busy kitchen can be a real treat for a dog. Not only is it a great place to spend time with their owner but by their very nature kitchens must fascinate dogs. It is all those great sounds and smells that must drive them potty. And if there is one smell which grabs their …

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