Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken Liver?

A pot of raw chicken livers

Yes, your dog can eat raw chicken liver but there are a few things to bear in mind. Chicken liver is a very potent piece of meat, particularly when it comes to vitamins and minerals. It contains such large amounts of certain vitamins (such as B12 or A) that it needs to be fed very …

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Can Dogs Eat Chicken Broth With Onions?

Chicken broth has been a nutrient-rich delicacy for humans for centuries now. It’s also one of the most common home remedies for canine diarrhea- although there are some people who believe that it may cause diarrhea. Chicken broth is often recommended for dogs with an upset stomach to soothe their digestive system and for spicing …

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Can Chicken Broth Cause Diarrhea In Dogs?

These are strange times that we live in or at least that is my excuse for focusing so much on the role that chicken has in causing or preventing diarrhea in our dogs! You can read about boiled chicken here and on another day I wrote about whether chicken broth needs to be diluted before …

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Can Boiled Chicken Give My Dog Diarrhea?

Can boiled chicken give my dog diarrhea

Is your head spinning? Are you looking for a simple home remedy to remedy your dog’s dose of diarrhea? Your gut (sorry for the pun) told you to go with boiled chicken but from what you have read, you are no longer sure? Lots of different and contradictory information. Many people claim that boiled chicken …

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Should I Dilute Chicken Broth For My Dogs?

dilute chicken broth dogs

Hello, everyone! Well it seems that I just can’t get enough of anything to do with bones and broth. In previous posts I have written about post 1 and post 2 and post 3 but in this post I want to explore whether you should dilute chicken broth for your dog.  Before I answer that …

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