Can Dogs Eat Ferrero Rocher?

Can Dogs Eat Ferrero Rocher

Many people consider Ferrero Rocher to be the best cookies in the world, and for good reason. No wonder that the number of Ferroro Rochers sold annually around the world is around 3.6 billion! While it’s alright for you to enjoy a Nutella-filled treat, can dogs eat Ferrero Rocher? Not exactly, because chocolate is bad …

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Can Dogs Eat Kit Kats?

When you think of a Kit Kat bar, you think of kicking back and resting. For years the tagline of the TV adverts in the UK were “have a break, have a Kit Kat” and they were created in 1935 deliberately to fit into a lunch box.  And their “finger” design means that they are …

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My Dog Drank Hot Chocolate

Did you know that 80% of adults in the U.S. eat chocolate, and each year Americans eat about 2.8 billion pounds of chocolate? It’s no secret that we love chocolate, and the varieties and different forms they come in make it even more delectable. But certainly not for our pets!  Every responsible pet parent understands …

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My Dog Ate Chocolate But Is Acting Fine

my dog ate chocolate but is feeling fine

With America consuming 2.8 billion pounds of chocolate each year, there is bound to be some form of chocolate or candy in almost every household.   As a responsible pet parent, you must already know to never give your dog chocolate, even a little piece of it. But what if your dog accidentally stumbled on your …

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My Dog Ate A Chocolate Orange

While it is easy to panic in a situation like this, it is important to do your best to try to stay calm. Remind yourself that accidents happen, and our furry friends can often create their own mischief. Right now though, they need you to collect as much information as you can, to make sure …

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My Dog Ate A Brownie

can dogs eat brownies

If your dog eats a brownie, you should take the following steps immediately: Chocolate contains substances known as methylxanthines that can speed up a dog’s heart rate in addition to increasing its nervous system activity. The risk of your dog becoming ill after eating chocolate is dependent on the type and amount consumed, with smaller …

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Can Dogs Eat Reese’s Pieces?

can dogs eat reeces pieces

They’re colorful, they make an intriguing crunchy noise and you don’t seem to be able to stop popping them into your mouth – no doubt your dog will come begging for some Reese’s pieces, too.  Why should he miss all the fun? Are Reese’s pieces dangerous to dogs? That depends on how many candies he …

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My Dog Ate A Dark Chocolate Bar!

dog ate dark chocolate bar

Dog ate a dark chocolate bar. What should I do? You need to think and act very quickly. For reasons that I explain below, dark chocolate is very dangerous to dogs. If you can feel a bit of a panic coming on, plan A is to: Take a deep breath Estimate how much of the …

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Dog Ate A Chocolate Pudding

dog ate chocolate pudding

Are you missing a pot of chocolate pudding? Are you a pot short after sorting out the packed lunches? Are your suspicions turning on your dog? But apart from being naughty, does this secret snack put your dog in any danger? Dog ate chocolate pudding. What should I do? If your dog has stolen a …

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Help! My Dog Ate A Chocolate Donut

It happens to the best fur parents – you walk into a room and you see an empty box of chocolate donuts and an extremely guilty looking pup. Now we all know that chocolate is extremely toxic for dogs, but we don’t know how poisonous chocolate donuts are for them. Is this an immediate trip …

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