Do Black And White Beagles Exist?

black white beagle

Beagles are the fifth most owned breed of dog in the United States and 21st most popular in the UK. –It’s not hard to see why.  Beagles live an average lifespan of twelve to fifteen years, which is longer than many larger breed dogs.  At 22-25 pounds, most beagles are the perfect size for traveling …

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Black Great Pyrenees- Fact Or Fiction?

Black Great Pyrenees

Known as Great Pyrenees in the US and Canada, in Europe (including the UK) these dogs are known as Pyrenees Mountain Dogs. To their loving owners and legions of fans, the breed is known affectionately as “Pyrs”.  But regardless of what they are called in which part of the world, the burning question that you …

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What Are Potcake Dogs?

what is a potcake dog

Royal Bahamian Potcake dogs are mix-breed, native dogs of the Caribbean. While they might make up the greatest number of strays in the Caribbean, giant efforts by locals and foreigners are being made to give these dogs a permanent and loving home. Potcakes are known for their friendliness, energetic enthusiasm and loyalty to their human …

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Can Poodles Have Dreadlocks?

poodle dreadlocks

Dreadlocks aren’t as dreading as they sound; as a matter of fact, quite the contrary! Having those dreadlock cords swaying with the breeze in those park walks (or runs) is a majestic sight to behold, or at least to us, it does. This begs the question: “Ok, but what about poodles? Can they have dreadlocks?” …

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What Is A Blue Heeler Rat Terrier Mix?

blue heeler rat terrier

The Blue heeler rat terrier is a rare mixed-breed dog with a friendly disposition and medium-size build. This dog is one of the results of the many Blue heeler breed crosses.  It’s the offspring of two purebred dogs; a rat terrier and a blue heeler which is also known as the Australian Cattle Dog. As …

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What Is a Scotch Shepherd Dog?

what is a scotch shepherd dog

Dogs are the greatest gift from nature to man and have always remained man’s closest animal companion. However, the scotch shepherd is more unique in its brilliance, which makes them a great choice when it comes to assisting farmers in herding their sheep. Brilliant enough to keep the sheep in line, for games, and also …

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What Is A Blue Lacy Pitbull Mix?

Blue Lacey Pitbull

Humans love their pet dogs in a similar way to how they love their children, and our dogs love us right back.  When it comes to choosing your pet, there is a breed out there for almost everyone. Whether it’s something small and portable like a Yorkshire Terrier or a pug, or something lean and …

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How Long Can a Chihuahua Go Without Water?

how long can a chihuahua go without water

Every dog needs water, and your Chihuahua is not an exception. You need to keep it hydrated so that it remains the healthy, energetic dog that you know and love.  But what happens when your Chihuahua goes without water for too long? That may be a question you may be asking yourself right now.  Maybe …

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7 Breeds With Dots Over Their Eyes

A black and tan Chihuahua with tan spots over its eyes

 Have you ever wondered why some dogs have spots over their eyes, while others don’t? This genetic trait is more common in some breeds, but it can also skip a generation. Having a pair of dots over the eyes gives dogs a bit more personality, but there must be some meaning to it. In this …

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When Do Westie Ears Stand Up?

when do westie ears stand up

While we, as humans, have had our ears stood up or pointed our entire lives, our little Westie pal here might have a different story to tell. As adorable our little fella can be with their floppy ears that bounce, as they run majestically to and fro, you might wonder (or at least, at some …

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