Why Is My Dog Suddenly Hiding In My Closet?

Has your dog suddenly started to hide in your closet? Did you stumble upon them accidentally just as you were sorting some laundry out? There are plenty of strange places for our dogs to hide under bits of furniture  These include: beds, tables, sofas and the stairs! Like so many other things, there are good …

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Can Dog Barking Hurt Babies’ Ears?

can dog barking hurt baby ears

Have you just noticed that your not so charming dog is startling your beautiful baby when they bark? Has it got to the point where you can’t tolerate the yapping any longer?  Well in this article I look at how noisy our homes are and how precious a baby’s hearing is.  Let’s start with our …

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Why are dogs scared of smoke?

I own a beautiful golden retriever who for some reason or other is full of anxiety. This has led me to become more interested in how anxiety and fear works (or doesn’t in dogs.) Other articles that I have written around the topic are scattered throughout this post. And this article deals specifically with a …

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Why Are Dogs Scared Of Fire

why are dogs scared of fire

One of the upsides of Lockdown is that we have spent more time in our gardens. And this extra time has given some of us the opportunity to get our garden ship shape. As part of that you might have had the odd bonfire or two. And you might have noticed something a bit unsettling. …

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How To Pick Up A Dog That Bites

how to pick up a dog that bites

There are dogs that like being picked up and being close to the owners, other dogs seem to be especially adverse to that behavior, but there might be some underlying issues you need to consider if your dog is being aggressive when you pick him up.  In this article, we will discuss everything you need …

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Why Is My Dog Afraid Of Heights?

why is my dog afraid of heights

A quick look online will show you a few videos of dogs who are afraid of heights- they range from the amusing to the downright cruel, but what they all show is dogs that are clearly petrified on bridges or on stairs.  Personally this is not something that I have experienced much of as a …

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Why Is My Dog Suddenly Scared Of The Hallway?

Dog scared hallway

It’s the weirdest thing for a pet owner! The happy dog he’s had for a few years now suddenly develops a fear of walking a nondescript hallway no one would find scary. And yet, there he is – a big strong animal who wouldn’t mind chasing the neighbor’s cat into the nearest tree adamantly refuses …

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Why Is My Dog Afraid Of Flies?

The first time you witness such a thing it’s quite comical – a big fierce dog scrambling to hide under the bed whimpering at the sight of one innocent fly buzzing around. Only it’s not comical at all for your poor pet. Truth is many dogs, large or small, are afraid of flies or other …

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