Can Dogs Eat Cuttlefish?

can dogs eat cuttlefish

If you live in a seaside area, you’ve probably seen cuttlefish washed up on the beach. Your dog, too, and he probably wants to see what they taste like since the smell is kind of intriguing. Can dogs eat cuttlefish? The answer is yes, it shouldn’t cause any problems. On the contrary, cuttlefish make for …

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Can Dogs Eat Sprats?

can dogs eat sprats

Sprats are NOT a vegetable but a type of fish for those who have just heard the word. As we all know, fish are excellent sources of various nutrients such as Omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and calcium, to name a few. Sprats are excellent sources of multiple vitamins, protein, and healthy fats (which we will …

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Can Dogs Eat Pilchards In Tomato Sauce?

can dogs eat pilchards in tomato sauce

Fish is good for your health, everybody knows that, and many pet owners wonder if it could also benefit their dog. While feeding your dog salmon every day might prove a bit too expensive, pilchards are a more convenient option and they’re readily available. Can you give your dog pilchards in tomato sauce, for instance? …

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Can dogs eat Mahi- mahi?

can my dog eat mahi mahi

Have you just had a great day out in your boat fishing? Or perhaps it was a birthday present to spend a day sea fishing with a few friends? And you have come back with a bumper catch- enough to feed an army for days. Or at least way more than a small family and …

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Can Dogs Eat Raw Fish Bones?

can dogs eat raw fish bones

I know how you feel. You have just filleted some fish for dinner and there on the cutting board are the fish bones. Part of you is thinking “it would be a shame to waste them” and part of you is thinking “if I put these in the trash and it stinks the kitchen out, …

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Can Dogs Eat Sardines In Oil?

can a dog eat sardines in oil

As a pet parent you know that not all human foods are safe for dogs to eat, but when it comes to sardines they’re actually quite healthy. There are, of course, certain things to keep in mind, like your dog having a sensitive stomach or weight issues, and we’ll examine in-depth all the concerns you …

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Can Dogs Eat Mackerel?

can dogs eat mackerel

Dogs like smelly things – the stinkier, the better. But it’s not always good for them. I mean, most of us like a salty, oily snack once in a while, but that’s definitely not good for us, and our pups are no different. So, how about fish? Specifically, can you feed your dog mackerel? If …

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My Dog Ate Fishbones

Can dogs eat fishbones

With all the talk of how fantastic powerful omega oils are for our health and the health of our dogs, it is easy to see the attraction of feeding them to our dogs. And from a dog’s point of view, fish is very attractive. For a start it has a very, very strong odour.  And …

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