Why Is My Dog Itching After Grooming?

Why Is My Dog Itching After Grooming

Apart from looking beautiful, a fundamental reason for sending our dogs off to be groomed is for their comfort. Which is why, when they return from being groomed and they are clearly not comfortable, it is a bit upsetting to say the least.  After all, a complete grooming session in the U.S. will cost on …

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Dog Keeps Licking Anus After Grooming – Why Is That?

Many pet parents wonder why their dog keeps licking his anus after grooming. Or why does the dog’s bum look all red and irritated? Not exactly what they were expecting. After all, for us, humans going to the beauty salon is a most pleasant experience and we walk out all glowing and happy.  The big …

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Can You Use Vegetable Oil to Help With A Dog’s Dry Skin?

dog vegetable oil dry skin 1

If your dog is suffering from dry itchy and sore skin, you may be looking for an effective, safe and affordable Dog Dry Skin Treatment you can try at home.  The introduction of a small amount of vegetable oil to your pet’s diet may help to reduce skin dryness and itchiness.  The effectiveness of this …

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Can I Use Human Conditioner on My Dog?

can I use human conditioner on my dog

Are you almost tearing your hair out because your dog just won’t stop scratching? Or is that you are tired of trying to sort out the tangles and matts in your dog’s coat? Are you thinking that perhaps if you use human conditioner, all of your troubles will end and that your dog will have …

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Should I Shave My Great Pyrenees?

shave great pyrenees

There’s no doubt that Great Pyrenees dogs are loyal and lovable in equal measure, and they make fantastic pets. They were bred centuries ago and were originally meant to look after livestock and keep away dangerous animals so they are natural protectors. But even as great as these dogs are, they do come with a …

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Should I Shave My Dog’s Tail?

should I shave my dogs tail

In many situations, your dog’s tail may become matted, tangled, or coated in brambles or other irritants.  It can be daunting trying to decide how best to resolve these issues, and many of you may wonder if it’s time to shave your dog’s tail instead of trying other methods.  Today, we’ll cover when you should …

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Why Is My Dog In Pain After Their Glands Have Been Expressed?

dog in pain anal glands

If you’ve never heard about your dog’s anal glands, you might have already smelled them. Coming with a malodorous fishy smell, anal gland problems are hard to ignore—but what is their purpose? And what should you do if something goes wrong with them? Anal glands are the two small oval glands located on either side …

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What Are Double Dewclaws In Dogs?

Some pet parents, especially those who have just got their first dog, are surprised to discover their furry friend has a weird claw-like thingy on their hind legs. Is it normal? What purpose does it serve? Should they have it removed? All these questions are perfectly normal as there aren’t that many dogs that have …

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My Dog’s Nail Has Separated From The Quick!

dog nail separated from quick

As you may already know, cutting your dog’s nails too short can cause your pooch pain and injury.  If the nail has become separated from the quick or you’ve accidentally cut your dog’s nails to the quick, then read our article below to understand what you need to do and how to prevent as much …

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Why Are Dog Nails So Sharp?

The reason a dog’s nails are so sharp is that they were developed by nature to be as sharp as they possibly can be for functionality. So when you look at a dog’s nail (not the dewclaw, which is a modified toe), you see a continuation of the same bone structure that goes up to …

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