Can Dogs Eat Pork Shoulder Bones?

dog eat pork shoulder bone

You know that guilty feeling you get when your dog begs for any leftover steak? You cannot give him that, but pork shoulder bones are safe and quite healthy for your dog. Cooked bones are dangerous as heat-processing makes them brittle, but raw bones should pose no problem to your dog. Pork shoulder bones are …

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Can Dogs Eat Pig Hooves

can dogs eat pig hooves

Despite being domesticated thousands of years ago, dogs are still naturally carnivores and derive some important nutrients from fresh meat and raw bones. Pig feet and hooves have been great snacks for dogs, and they are generally safe for canines to chew on.  Raw pig feet and pig hooves are inexpensive which is probably one …

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Can dogs eat duck bones?

can dogs eat duck bones

Today, as we think about your dog, I want to talk about duck bones. And whether they are a safe food to feed your dog. Now duck bones might seem to be a bit of a strange topic to write an article about because , forget about dogs, how many people eat duck?! I mean, …

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Can Dogs Eat Turkey Legs?

can dogs eat turkey legs

Dogs can eat turkey legs because there is nothing in them which is toxic or poisonous to your dog. But feeding your dog turkey legs is a bit more complicated than that and here’s why. A turkey leg contains skin, flesh and bone and the trouble is that the bone is better off being fed …

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My Dog Ate A Lamb Bone And Is Throwing Up

my dog ate a lamb bone and is throwing up

The focus of my article today provides one of those moments that we have as dog parents. When our first reaction is a wave of panic that sweeps over us and is quickly followed by the self recrimination and guilt as we think, why did I let that happen?! Today I want to talk about …

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My Dog Ate Fishbones

Can dogs eat fishbones

With all the talk of how fantastic powerful omega oils are for our health and the health of our dogs, it is easy to see the attraction of feeding them to our dogs. And from a dog’s point of view, fish is very attractive. For a start it has a very, very strong odour.  And …

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Is Chewing A Bone Mental Stimulation For A Dog?

Is chewing a bone mental stimulation for a dog

Have you ever tried offering a raw bone to a dog who’s just had lunch? Chances are the dog will jump up and down to get to that bone. Not because he’s hungry, he’s not, but because it’s fun! And there’s that irresistible smell, obviously. Dogs love to chew, it’s a natural instinct for them …

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Can Chicken Broth Cause Diarrhea In Dogs?

These are strange times that we live in or at least that is my excuse for focusing so much on the role that chicken has in causing or preventing diarrhea in our dogs! You can read about boiled chicken here and on another day I wrote about whether chicken broth needs to be diluted before …

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