Help! My Dog Ate Steel Wool

Can dogs eat steel wool

It sounds unlikely, but is it really? You probably feed your dog all the right food. You buy your dog healthy treats. Occasionally you might give your dog some fresh meat. Chew toys. Bones. Gourmet something-something for its birthday. With all these options you would think your dog couldn’t possibly go ahead and give you …

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Why Does My Dog Eat His Shedded Fur?

A Golden Retriever surrounded by her own fur after being brushed

There you are trying to make your dog look all nice and clean and what does he do? Starts chasing every last hair on the bathroom floor gulping it down as if it were the tastiest of treats? Is this normal? Is this dangerous? How can you stop a dog from eating his own shedded …

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Help! My Dog Ate a 5mg Edible

Have you seen this video with the dog that ate not one, but several edibles from the trash can? The video went viral quickly and yes, you can see the poor dog is totally stoned.  A lot of viewers find the video quite funny, which is quite disturbing, to say the least. While in this …

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How Big Of A Rock Can A Dog Pass?

If your beloved pet just swallowed a rock, you’re basically looking at two possible outcomes – either he will be able to pass it safely or he will have to undergo surgery, which is quite traumatic and risky for the dog, not to mention hugely expensive. The million-dollar question is can the dog poop out …

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My Dog Ate Nexgard

Choosing the right flea protection for your dog can be quite a hassle as there are so many products on the market. While relatively new on the market, chewable tablets sound very tempting as the treatment is easy to administer and you only need to give it once a month or even every three months. …

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Help! My dog ate saran wrap

Will your dog notice or will it remain untouched? Eating leftover food is one thing but supposing that your dog will also eat any wrapping that it is in, such as saran wrap. How dangerous could this be for your dog? That is what I want to find out in today’s article. My dog ate …

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Help! My Dog Ate Probiotics

Dogs are notoriously curious and one of their most important means of exploring the world is their tongue. Don’t be surprised if your pet is intrigued by the bottle of probiotics left on the table and helps himself to it. You should, of course, have a few words with your dog about his behavior but, …

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Help! My Dog Ate A Sponge

My dog ate a sponge

Sponges come on all shapes and forms- from the sponge balls created to keep our young children safe to the makeup sponges which help apply a near perfect finish to the myriad of sponges that we use to clean whether that is in the kitchen or the shower. It is hard to think of our …

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My Dog Ate A Frog And Is Vomiting

my dog ate a frog and is vomiting

One of my best friends tells a funny story about a Spaniel that he had. One of the spaniel’s favourite party tricks was running up and down by their garden pond barking loudly whenever he spotted a frog. I don’t think that the dog ever caught a frog but it kept him very fit! But …

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My Dog Licked Some Motor Oil

my dog licked motor oil

Are you having a bad day? Have you just seen a suspicious dark puddle under your car and just as you think that things can’t get worse, your dog strolls over and starts drinking from the puddle. And now on top of that car repair bill, you can see dollar bills from an emergency vet’s …

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