My Dog Ate Wood And Is Throwing Up

In this post I look at one of a dog’s favourite activities- chewing sticks and wood and looking at why it can sometimes go a bit wrong. And by that I mean that after they have eaten the stick, they then throw up! But for those of you in a hurry, let me start by …

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Help! My Dog Ate Grape Jelly

Is your dog a thief? A sneaky raider of any item that has been left on a kitchen work surface? Years ago, one of my dogs used to put her front paws onto the kitchen counter and lick from the sugar bowl! Fortunately, it never seemed to do her much harm and it taught us …

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Are Dandelions Poisonous To Dogs? Can They Cause Diarrhea?

A dog laying in a field surrounded by dandelions

As a dog owner, one of the biggest concerns you can have revolves around unspoken health issues in your dog. Canines are amazing and intelligent creatures, yet they can be hurt through the most innocuous of means. Many times, though, illnesses and conditions that a dog can suffer from will stem from what they eat. …

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