How Much Are Puppies At Petland?

how much are puppies at petland

The quintessential canine pet, dogs have become commonplace in families’ homes all over the world, and the demand for these furry companions just seems to keep going up and up. Well, if you’re in the same boat and are considering getting your very own puppy, you might be wondering where the best place to get …

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My Dog Is Trying To Hump My New Puppy

dog humping new puppy

One of the most exciting and rewarding aspects for many people about bringing a new puppy into their home is that they will get to see their beloved dog take on the role of “big brother” or “big sister.”  The only problem with this scenario is that your older dog will often try to hump …

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Can You Give Pedialyte To Puppies?

Can you give pedialyte to puppies

When an owner buys or breeds puppies, they often stress when their pups become unwell because they are so delicate and vulnerable at this age. Diarrhoea and severe vomiting could be fatal to a new-born as both conditions can make your pup very weak. So, It’s important to educate yourself about easy home remedies to …

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Can Puppies Eat Eggs?

can puppies eat eggs

In this article, I will answer the question “can puppies eat eggs?” Eggs are a natural choice to add to a puppy’s diet because they are a staple food in most of our homes, they are cheap and most of us know that eggs are a healthy food. But are eggs a must have food …

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Why Is My New Puppy Not Drinking Water?

why is my new puppy not drinking water 1

If you love water as much as we do, then we’re pretty sure you already love 80% of your little pup there! Water is essential when it comes to survival and growth for both humans and our furry little pals.  Whether you found “the chosen one” from a breeder or a rescue center for the …

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Why Is My Puppy Not Drinking Water?

puppy not drinking water

 Taking your new puppy home can be as stressful as the first days caring for a newborn baby, as the little one has no way of telling you what it needs. Many pet parents worry over how much water their puppy should drink and their immediate concern is that they don’t get enough. Obviously, dehydration …

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Do Male Dogs Eat Their Puppies?

If you’re a dog owner eagerly awaiting the birth of a new litter, seeing your beloved pet eating her own puppies is a shocking experience. If you’re a breeder, you’re also contemplating significant financial loss. Then there’s another nightmare scenario – the father killing and eating some or all of the puppies. You might have …

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Do Dogs’ Eyes Grow?

do dogs eyes grow

You might have heard that eyes are the gateway to the soul. It’s even more true with our dogs.  Studies show that nearly two-thirds of all dogs use their eyes to communicate with their owners.  When we look into our dogs’ eyes, we often wonder what they’re trying to tell us. Sometimes we wonder about …

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What Is An Average Goldendoodle Litter Size?

golden doodle litter size

One good look at a Goldendoodle’s loving eyes and slightly curly hair is enough to understand why these dogs are so popular at the moment. The demand is huge and if your dog is expecting, some of your friends might be already asking you if they can have a puppy. How big a Goldendoodle litter …

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