Is your puppy playing too rough with your older dog? 14 Tips

puppy playing rough with older dog

You’ve just bought a new puppy, and you’re excited for the little one to meet their new friend. They meet, and you start to notice your little one is playing too rough with your dog. If so you’re probably wondering if you should intervene and what you can do to stop your puppy from playing …

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When do puppies start barking at strangers?

selective focus photo of a short coated white and black 3009441

So as a new pet parent with an adorable ball of fur, you were struck dumb when your little cutie suddenly went berserk with yaps and barks at a delivery guy at your front porch. And you’re thinking, “Isn’t she too young for that?”  Or maybe you have a 3-month-old pup who hasn’t made any …

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How Long Can Puppies Go Without Peeing?

how long can puppies go without peeing

If it is your first-time owning a dog, for sure, there are so many questions that you have in mind. One of which probably is, “how long can puppies go without peeing?” You probably want to know how many times you need to clean up your pet’s mess in a day or how often you …

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How Long Can a Puppy Go Without Water At Night?

how long can my puppy go without water at night

Whether you’ve just gotten a new puppy and you’re trying to figure out a way to stop them from peeing all over the house while you’re sleeping, or you’ve had your dog for a while and you simply want to know more about proper hydration etiquette, making sure that your dog is healthy should always …

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Puppy Separation Anxiety From Litter

puppy separation anxiety litter

If you are a dog owner, and your pet just gave birth, you are probably excited to give one or two of the puppies as gifts to your friends or relatives who are animal lovers like yourself. Or, if you have decided to earn money by breeding as well as selling puppies, for sure, you …

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How to fatten up a skinny puppy?

You’re excited about your new puppy and you give her all the food you think she needs. You carefully follow the instructions on the food label, making sure your furry friend gets a nutritionally-balanced and healthy diet.  You watch her eat, and she completely finishes her food. Infact, she thoroughly licks up her plate. But …

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