Can a Tooth Abscess Kill A Dog?

can a tooth abscess kill a dog

Your Fido is a lively pup, filled to the brim with boundless energy and excitement about life in general. Chew toys and playing fetch, specifically, but he’s not fussy. Then, suddenly, he’s not so lively. In fact, he seems downright listless, doesn’t want to eat, and keeps pawing at his face. You try to check …

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Why Has My Dog Got Crooked Teeth?

Why has my dog got crooked teeth

This is a problem that has many pet parents wondering. Why has my dog got crooked teeth? In most cases, this is a genetic problem which only becomes apparent once the dog gets his permanent teeth. As for what you can do about it, that depends on whether or not it bothers your dog. If …

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Does Crest Toothpaste Contain Xylitol?

Crest toothpaste is one of America’s leading oral hygiene brands. Known around the world for their amazing whitening properties, Crest products are clearly beneficial for human teeth. But, human toothpaste and especially those containing Xylitol do not have the same benefits for dogs. These can be very harmful to your furry friends! Xylitol is a …

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Does Dog Toothpaste Expire?

does dog toothpaste

Did you know that upwards of 80% of dogs have diseased gums and teeth? As we know in humans, our health begins in our mouths. For a dog, periodontal disease can be especially devastating because it can lead to a loss of teeth and a whole host of health problems. That’s why many dog owners …

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7 Dog Breeds With Overbites

dog breeds with overbite

Have you ever seen a dog who seems to be baring his teeth at you, only to discover that, no, the poor guy is not being aggressive in any way? That crooked smile is part of who he is. This is something you’ll find in a dog with an overbite. These dogs might look a …

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When Do Golden Retrievers Lose Their Baby Teeth?

When do golden retriever puppies lose their baby teeth

Is your puppy driving you crazy with the constant chewing? You’ve probably been told it’s natural, the puppy is teething and needs to chew on something, including your new leather shoes. Well, there’s good news for you, but there’s also some not very good news, because golden retrievers are natural-born chewers and the best you …

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Help! My dog’s teeth are green

The other day something caught your attention in your dog’s mouth; your dog’s teeth! They don’t look right but you can’t tell if it’s something you should be worried about because you don’t remember what they should look like.  Your dog’s teeth are green. Now you’re wondering; should they be green, yellow, or white? What …

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French Bulldog Teeth Problems

french bulldog teeth problems

A Frenchie is adorable and loving. But just like any other pet, it is part of your responsibility to ensure that it is well taken care of. You need to treat it like your own child. This type of dog has unique characteristics, no more so than it’s nose, teeth and mouth! So as the …

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