How Long Is A Day For A Dog?

how long is a day for a dog

Is your dog super-excited to see you when you get home?  Or… does your dog go berserk and tear the place up when you’re not home? We often get the sense that our dogs experience time differently than we do. But they clearly have some sense for it. They often know when it’s time to …

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My Dog Keeps Wanting To Go Outside At Night?

dog keeps wanting to go out at night

This is a story about a dog that is so spoiled that I have ended up having to barricade large parts of my kitchen before I go to bed every night. It is a complete faff and total nonsense and I am to blame. So why is it that I have to turn the kitchen …

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Can I Leave My Dog In The Car At Night?

Can I leave my dog in car at night

Before you get mad as a hornet, please hear me out first. First of all, I love my dogs, and I also know it might not be safe to leave them in the car. However, I do understand why other owners don’t have a choice but to leave their dogs in a car at night. …

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How Do I Crate Train My French Bulldog At Night?

crate train french bulldog at night

Crate training. In some circles, this is a controversial notion, but we’ve noticed that Frenchies love having a private space to call their own. It is a place for cuddles with their favorite blanky or toy, and a place to keep them out of harm’s way if you’re out for a bit. Experts say that …

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Neighbour Leaves Dog Outside in Rain

neighbour leaves dog outside in rain

You love your pooch. He’s part of your family and possibly gets spoilt even more than your kids. Your neighbor also has dogs, but those pups aren’t as well cared for. And one of the things that completely stresses you out is when your neighbour leaves their dog outside in the rain. How do you …

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Can I Leave My Dog In The Bathroom While At Work?

can I leave my dog in the bathroom while at work

According to a survey conducted by AAHA, 19 percent of pet owners took their dogs to work at least once a month in 2000. Right now, more than 60 million households in the United States have dogs, and more and more workplaces like Amazon and Google are becoming pet friendly. 9 percent of US employers …

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Is it legal to keep a dog in the garage?

is it legal to keep a dog in a garage

Some people allow their pets to sleep in their beds, while others think a dog has no business being in the house. If you’re among the latter, the easiest alternative would be keeping the dog in the garage, but is it legal? That depends on a lot of factors, such as the living conditions in …

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Can a Golden Retriever Live in a Small Apartment?

Well, can they? In this article, I will argue that a golden retriever can live in a small apartment. Yes, I know that isn’t a point of view that you will hear most often but I don’t think that the size is the most important quality of a goldie’s home. I believe that they can …

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My Dog Hates Being Outside Alone

Have you ever experienced leaving your dog outside, and he started barking and getting fussy? That behavior is an indication that your dog does not want to be left outside alone, and this could be concerning to you as the owner. You are probably wondering if he is afraid of something outside or it’s just …

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