Can Puppies Drink Yakult?

Can Puppies Drink Yakult

Your fur kid just had puppies, and they’re the cutest, tiniest bundles of joy you’ve ever laid your eyes on. Mommy’s doing well, caring for those little munchkins like a champ. Of course, you’re giving the best of everything to protect her health and make sure she’s thriving while weaning those little pups. But what …

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Can My Dog Eat Kefir?

Can dogs eat kefir

Experts say that 1 to 3 cups of “kefir” is a very good addition to your diet. If you haven’t tried this drink yet, it’s about time you try it. Or maybe you already had it. It could even be one of your favorites. It’s delicious plus it is very healthy, no wonder why you …

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Can Dogs Eat Greek Yogurt?

can dogs eat greek yogurt

Lots of Greek yogurt is eaten in the U.S. And we know this from some surveys that were carried out in 2020. In one survey, just over four million Americans used eight servings or more of Yoplait’s Greek yogurt every month.  In another survey, 46% of Americans claimed to have eaten Chobani Greek yogurt.  Americans …

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Can Dogs Eat Vanilla Yogurt?

can dogs eat vanilla yogurt

It is thought that yogurt dates back to around 10, 000 years ago and that it mistakenly came to be created when milk was left to sour in warm weather! Yogurt was a well known food in both the Greek and Roman empires.  It seems that Bulgaria was responsible for introducing yogurt to much of …

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What Are The Side Effects Of A Dog Drinking Yakult?

Yakult is a Japanese probiotic drink similar to yogurt. It’s filled with goodies that make human intestines do what they’re supposed to. So, since it’s good for humans, it must be suitable for our fur kids, right? Well, kind of. Mostly, in any case, unless it makes your pup ill. Confused? Don’t worry. We’ll clarify. …

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Can I Give My Dog Activia Yogurt

can I gie my dog activia

Who are Activia? Activia is a company dedicated to researching probiotics and how they improve gut health. They provide several different probiotic yoghurt products, including some designed for children. They believe that gut health is important to overall health. Why might Activia help dogs?  Pets can develop gut problems just like people can. Dogs are …

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Can I Give My Dog Yakult?

A shelf full of bottles of Yakult

As time goes by, dog owners are increasingly concerned about the quality of the food that their dogs are eating.  A recent survey showed that 72% of US dog owners agreed that high quality dog food is effective in preventative health care. Or to put it another way- when your dog is eating good food, …

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Can dogs eat blueberry yogurt?

Can dogs eat blueberry yogurt

Most dogs should safely be able to eat blueberry yogurt as long as you bear a couple of things in mind. Firstly, you shouldn’t be feeding it to your dog if you know that they are lactose intolerant. Secondly, if you are looking to buy a sugar free variety you must check the ingredients to …

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Can Dogs Eat Peach Yogurt?

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I don’t think that you need me to tell you that peach yogurt shouldn’t be a regular part of your dog’s diet! The good news is that there is nothing toxic in the vast majority of peach yogurts on the market- although any sugar free versions with an ingredient called xylitol are incredibly toxic for …

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Can Dogs Eat Frozen Yogurt?

can dogs eat frozen yogurt

As an owner of two dogs who are spoiled rotten and have recently added “begging at the table” to an already impressive set of manipulative behaviours, I know how hard it is to not feed your dog scraps from the table. I have never fed my dogs frozen yoghurt but some people do.  Mainly I …

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