Do Black And White Beagles Exist?

black white beagle
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Beagles are the fifth most owned breed of dog in the United States and 21st most popular in the UK. –It’s not hard to see why. 

Beagles live an average lifespan of twelve to fifteen years, which is longer than many larger breed dogs. 

At 22-25 pounds, most beagles are the perfect size for traveling companions and make good pets due to their size, superior temper, and lack of health problems. 

Due to their popularity as pets, beagles have become increasingly trendy in pop culture. 

Beagles have been depicted in paintings, literature, film, television, and comic books since Elizabethan times. 

One of the most popular examples of beagles in pop culture is Snoopy, from the comic strip, The Peanuts. 

Snoopy is considered the world’s most famous beagle- your ultimate black and white Beagle. 

All beagles seem to be born in black and white, though the AKC, American Kennel Club, recognizes 10 variations in the color of beagles. 

Many of these colors change throughout a beagle’s lifetime, especially during puppyhood. 

Beagles are born black and white

At birth, Beagles typically range in black, white, and sometimes brown colors. 

Though, their coloring does not stay this way through their lifetime. 

Starting at a few days old, Beagles can begin to change color. 

However, most beagles begin to develop their adult coloring when they turn two months old. 

This timeline can range anywhere from two months to four months, depending on the individual dog. 

While beagles often undergo the most dramatic color changes during this time, they can often change colors as they grow into adulthood as well.   

Can adult Beagles be black and white?

The official standard from the AKC recognizes registers beagles as “any true hound color.” 

More specifically, beagles can come in about ten different recognized colors, with the most common colors being black/tan, black/red/white, black/tan/white, brown/white, and red/white. 

These ten colors are generally classified into five categories: red, tri-color, blue-beige, brown, black, and tan. 

Most beagles have some variation of black and white, which can present in many different patterns. 

Beagle patterns can be recognized as bi-color or tri-color, with bi-color meaning two colors and tri-color meaning three colors. 

Tri-colors are typically more common beagle color combinations than bi-colors. 

What are the standard colour combinations in Beagles?

Of the ten standard color combinations the AKC recognizes, beagles can come in an array of unique colors and patterns. 

While the most common color combinations are black, brown, and white variations, beagles can also come in more rare colors. 

For example, the blue or blue/white beagle. 

Blue tick beagles are a distinctive color that can form when a primarily black or white color beagle has contrasting colored hair in certain sections, usually their belly, that resembles a blue color. 

Another unusual color is lemon. 

While you might be thinking of a bright yellow dog, lemon beagles only have a small yellow or golden-ish tinge to their coats. 

Lemon beagles are typically two toned with tan, white, and light-yellow shades that make them especially unique. 

How are black and white Beagles created?

As one of the more unique colors in beagles, you might be wondering how black and white beagles are created. 

As a non-standard color, black and white-only beagles don’t commonly occur through typical litters. 

As beagles grow, they usually develop a third color, such as black/white/tan or black/white/blue. 

However, beagles can be solid black, solid white, or a black/white only combination. 

It’s incredibly difficult to determine how a beagle’s adult coat will appear because of the color changes they undergo during their growth. 

Yet, most black and white coloring is genetic and comes from parents that are also black/white only. 

The best way to determine specific coloring is knowing the coat colors of the parents and grandparents of the litter. 

What are other rare Beagle colors?

There are many other unique colors of beagles besides black/white, lemon, and blue tick. 

Like blue tick, beagles can also come in pure blue, or blue/white. 

This color does not appear as a bright blue, but looks more like a blue-toned gray, which can occur due to the white undertones in the coat. 

Another rare color, red/black or red/black/white beagles are not very common. 

This shade of red usually appears very dark, like a mahogany color. Red can usually be found where the black and white meet. 

What other hounds are black and white?

While beagles have become popular, there are other hounds that come in black and white as well. 

Another medium breed that occurs in black and white coloring is the American Foxhound. 

Also an AKC recognized breed, the American Foxhound is a good family dog and does great with young children and other dogs. 

While they do have some shedding, the American Foxhound has medium energy levels, is easily trainable, and makes a great companion. 

Another hound that comes in black and white, the Bluetick Coonhound is a great alternative to beagles. 

Although larger than a beagle, the Bluetick Coonhound has a short coat, like the beagle, that requires very little maintenance. 

They also are great family dogs and enjoy playing with other dogs and children. Most notably, they have a high energy level, but are very easily trainable. 

What other dogs of a similar size to a Beagle are black and white?

If you’re not sure a hound is the right fit for your family, there are many other medium size dogs that have coats that come in black and white coloring. 

One great option is the Border Collie. 

Border Collies are usually 30-55 pounds and similar in size to a beagle. 

However, Border Collie’s have more hair and fluffier coats. 

They require regular grooming and maintenance due to their longer coat. 

This dog breed is incredibly intelligent and is known for their ability to learn quickly and retain a lot of information. 

Border Collies are herding dogs and have a lot of energy, though they make great family dogs and enjoy playing with children. 

Another option for dogs with black and white coats, the Boston Terrier is a great alternative to a beagle. 

Boston Terriers are slightly smaller than some beagles, weighing in at about 12-25 pounds. 

However, they make up for it in their high energy levels and likeability. 

Boston Terriers are very social and enjoy making friends with strangers. 

They are also easily adaptable and make great travel companions. 

Like beagles, Boston Terriers make great family dogs as well.

[7] Will a black and white beagle be an ideal dog?

If you’re sure that a black and white beagle is the ideal dog for you, it’s important to know some of their needs. 

Beagles don’t typically require exceptional grooming—they have short, easy to maintain coats and they don’t drool excessively, like some other breeds. 

They adapt well to new environments and they are very playful, making them easy-going, fun companions. 

Beagles also love children, families, and other dogs and are extraordinarily easy to get along with. 

However, beagles do require regular mental stimulation due to their high intelligence levels. Beagles do best with regular physical and mental exercise. 

[8] Can I buy an AKC registered black and white Beagle puppy?

If you’re ready to make the plunge and purchase your first black and white beagle puppy, the American Kennel Club website is a great place to start. 

There are many rescue groups for Beagles, if adoption is something you might be interested in. 

If you are looking to purchase a puppy, it’s important to be sure that you have a qualified breeder. Be sure to look for a breeder that has proper health certification, and registration/proof of pedigree, if you are looking for a purebred beagle. 

The breeder’s facility should be clean and they should be amenable to your questions and concerns, if any. 

Because beagles change color through puppyhood, it’s important to talk to the breeder about coloring to be sure that the puppy you get will continue to stay black and white through adulthood. 

Closing thoughts

Beagles are fantastic companions that have been popular through the ages. 

Dating back to Queen Elizabeth, beagles have become widespread through popular culture due to their easy-going nature. 

Although beagles come in many different colors, it’s important to check with your breeder at puppyhood to determine what color your beagle might become. 

As beagles age, they change colors, which can be a problem if you’re looking for a specific coloring, like black and white. 

However, with their adaptability and playfulness, a beagle is sure to make a great companion for any home. 

While beagles range in size, coat, and temperament, there are many resources to determine if a beagle is right for your family.

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