Does Dinovite Expire?

Having a pet dog isn’t just owning a living and breathing animal.

It is a companion, a friend, and even a part of your family.

Similar to how you treat a fellow human, you would want your pet dog to have the best care possible. You do not want it to get sick and die.

Moreover, you want your pet pup to live as long as it can.

Thus, as a dog parent, you want to take care of your dog’s health. 

One way to do so is by feeding your dog some food supplements.

There are many food supplement products out there that have your dog’s health in their best interest. One of the rising brands for these is Dinovite. 

Does Dinovite expire?

Similar to every other product in the market that is consumable, Dinovite also has an expiration date.

The developers claim that Dinovite has a shelf life of a full year if they are not exposed to anything that can fasten the deterioration of the supplements.

They are recommended to be kept in cool and dry locations that aren’t humid. In most cases, the perfect product environment conditions are not met.

That is why they advise buyers of Dinovite to only purchase supplies that are good for three months at maximum. 

Do you need to refrigerate Dinovite?

As stated on the official website of Dinovite, it is not necessary to refrigerate the food supplements both the powder and the liquid.

They can be kept at room temperature for long periods.

However, they do say that it is fine to refrigerate and freeze the food supplements.

They only advise to not refrigerate the Dinovite liquid since it will be difficult for them to squeeze it out of the tube.

What is Dinovite?

Dinovite is a nutritional food supplement brand created by a twenty-year-old company of the same name.

They manufacture and sell food supplements not only for dogs but also cats and horses.

This company was founded by the Lukacevic family and started out on a farm.

But now, their main manufacturing facility has been in an industrial park in Crittenden, Kentucky since 2007. 

Although they are technically a small company as of now, Dinovite has been promoting that their food supplements are all-natural and supports dogs’ health.

They are confident with their products to the point that they are giving their first-time customers a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Furthermore, they have been increasing their brand awareness which is why many dog parents have been hearing about them.

You could perhaps be one of them looking for more information on Dinovite. Luckily, some of your questions about Dinovite can be answered by continuing to read this article.

How does it help dogs?

As stated earlier, Dinovite is a food supplement that adds nourishment to the dog’s body.

It is promoted as a highly recommended additional intake to boost the immune system of the pup.

It also has properties that help improve the digestive tract of pets thus making the absorption of food nutrients more efficient.

As a result, your dog’s overall health improves. Getting a shiny coat and healthy skin is also said to be another benefit of intaking Dinovite.

By adding Dinovite to your pup’s diet, you will be giving them nutrients that they don’t get from their regular meals.

This food supplement has vitamins, enzymes, zinc, fatty acids, trace minerals, and live direct-fed microbials.

These nutrients are indeed essential for your dog to have a nourished body.

What are the active ingredients in it?

Earlier, it was mentioned that Dinovite is made of all-natural ingredients that make it safe and effective.

However, as a dog owner, you don’t just want to know if what you’re feeding your dog is all-natural. You want to know what makes Dinovite natural.

Dinovite is composed of several ingredients and one of them is ground flax seeds which are its source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

It also contains alfalfa which has protein.

Fermented bacteria is also found in the supplements which ensure the existence of good bacteria in your pet pup’s digestive system. 

Another Dinovite ingredient that you should take note of is dried kelp. Dried kelp is rich in iodine which is essential for dogs that lack it.

The very nutritious dried yeast is also added to Dinovite as a source of other vitamins and minerals that your canines should need in their diet.

Other ingredients that Dinovite contains include Fructooligosaccharide, Vitamin E supplement, yeast culture, and zinc methionine complex.

How many different products for dogs do they sell?

The main product of Dinovite is whole food supplements. They have a variety of them depending on the size and breed of dog you have.

There are specific Dinovites for small, medium, large, and giant dogs. There is also a breed puppy version of Dinovite, as well as for homes with multiple types of dogs. 

Although Dinovite’s flagship product is whole food supplements, they also offer other dog nourishment products.

Dinovite Liquid, Lickochops, Hip & Joint Supplement, Salmon Oil, and Fish Oil are just some of the products they provide for dogs.

They also have products for cats and horses which you can explore more on their official website.

How much Dinovite should I feed to my dog?

Dinovite wants to make sure that you are giving the right amount of food supplements for your dog.

That is why they provide the scoop that you will use depending on the variant of Dinovite you have bought.

You only need one scoop of Dinovite a day. Should you wish to feed your dog twice with Dinovite, you can do so by giving them only a half scoop for each of its two meals.

The creators of Dinovite highly suggest that dog owners should mix the food supplement with water first.

This is so it will not only stick with its food but it will also activate the digestive enzymes. If your dog is a picky eater, you can start off by feeding it to them little by little or mix a small amount of it on their favorite meal. 

Where can I buy Dinovite from?

If you are thinking of buying Dinovite at the nearest pet store or supermarket from your home, prepare yourself for disappointment.

Since Dinovite is a relatively fresh company, their products are not yet available at grocery stores near you.

If you do wish to buy one for your pup, you can get it online.

You can either order it through Dinovite’s official website or buy it among their partner online stores.

Dinovite is also available on Amazon and other online selling platforms. 

What are the side effects of Dinovite?

Each dog is created uniquely similar to how humans are.

Thus, not all dogs can safely eat Dinovite. There are several cases of Dinovite side effects that have been reported since the founding of the company.

Some dogs had gut-related side effects like gas, bloating, and constipation. Usually, this can be avoided if the food supplements were introduced to the dog properly.

However, there are cases where dogs have allergic reactions to Dinovite. If that is the case, that particular dog shouldn’t take Dinovite.

Can a dog overdose on Dinovite?

As mentioned earlier, Dinovite had added a scoop in every box to ensure that no overdosage could take place.

However, if an overdose has occurred, it is best to contact a veterinarian and have the dog examined.

If there is no overdose but certain symptoms are persisting, it is best to discontinue feeding Dinovite to your dog. 

What are the main alternatives to Dinovite?

If Dinovite isn’t working for your dog, there are alternatives that you can check out. One of them is Be Well food supplements.

They provide the same benefits as Dinovite in terms of giving nourishment to your dogs. However, they only sell one type of formula for every dog and give dosage instructions depending on the size of your pet pup. 

Another good alternative to Dinovite is the Missing Link. This food supplement is best known for its great effects on the dog’s skin and coat.

They also have a specific food supplement that nourishes the joints and hips of the pup.

Learn more about Dinovite

We all want our pet canines to have the best of health so they can be with us for a very long time. That is why food supplements like Dinovite should not be taken for granted or ignored by dog owners. However, it is highly advised that you consult with your pet’s vet before you feed it any food supplements. This is so to ensure that a whole food supplement like Dinovite will not cause complications to your dog. You will be advised on how much food supplement your dog will be needing. 

Moreover, you should find out whether Dinovite is a good fit for your dog. It is recommended that you do more research on Dinovite and the effects it can have on the specific type of breed your pet is. If you wish to learn more about Dinovite and other dog health information, explore our website. 


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