How Much Does It Cost To Put A Dog To Sleep At PetSmart?

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Many pet lovers relish the idea of going home to a beloved dog that has endearing habits and funny reactions to what might seem common things. 

The dog may wag its tail excitedly, or the cat that rubs itself on its owner repeatedly, all such affectionate animal behavior brings delight to many pet owners. 

However, a beloved pet may develop an incurable condition or disease that causes the animal inhumane pain and discomfort. 

The vet usually recommends that the animal be “put to sleep” to avoid needless suffering. 

With that in mind, it is necessary to find out if PetSmart, one of the leading pet companies in the US, does offer services to put a dog to sleep. 

Who are PetSmart?

When were they created, how many stores do they have across the USA and their territories?

PetSmart is a pet-care giant company that serves the USA and Canada. You can also get its services in Puerto Rico which is a territory of the USA. 

PetSmart was founded in August 1986 by an American couple, Jim and Janice Dougherty, primarily to supply pet food to the American populace in Phoenix, Arizona. 

It was then known as PetFood Warehouse. 

However, it soon became apparent that the company needed to provide more than just pet food at a discount. 

A company that had put so much in providing quality pet food at affordable costs, could be trusted on matters regarding pet care. 

So, it expanded its services and locations in 1989, to serve the greater American populace. Its new leadership also adopted a name change that would suit the adjustments, to PETsMART. 

That name can raise the thought of a market where pet owners go shopping and get all pet goods and services they need under one roof. 

The above changes shaped the company into the trusted name in pet care that it has become. In 2005, its name was changed to PetSmart to further entrench itself as a holistic pet-care company. 

Petsmart has more than 1600 pet stores as of December 2020. 

How much does it cost to put a dog to sleep at PetSmart?

It is human to develop affection and longing feelings for a pet. 

But sometimes, its life has to be terminated to avoid needless suffering and when there is no hope of a positive change in its health condition. 

PetSmart outsources its vet services to a national veterinary practice called Banfield Pet hospitals.

Some of these hospitals are found in PetSmart stores in various locations across the U.S. 

The cost of putting your dog to sleep in a PetSmart store can range between 300 and 500 US dollars depending on whether you just want your dog put to sleep or whether you want additional services such as a cremation or burial.  

It is good to find out ahead of time what attendant services you want to prepare for the death of the dog and how its remains will be handled. 

Some pet organizations will advise on burial or cremation according to local government rules. 

How long does it take to euthanize a dog?

Most clinics use a government-approved euthanasia medication that puts a dog to sleep within two minutes. 

Since the entire goal of the exercise is to alleviate needless suffering for the dog, it makes sense to do it in the quickest time available. 

Furthermore, the medication simply stops the dog’s brain and heart, which are the centers of pain recognition. 

Any movement that it makes after that, is involuntary muscle movements that can happen even after it goes to sleep. 

It may also empty its bowels or have a bladder movement after it has gone peacefully. 

What is the average cost to put a dog to sleep in the US?

Generally, it costs between three to five hundred dollars to euthanize a dog in the US. 

The higher the cost, the more the attendant services like a funeral, burial, and cremation. 

The specific after-life attendant services will vary from vet to vet. 

The Humane Society is rated best for consultation on how to put a dog to sleep and how much it will cost. 

Depending on the health and age of your dog, it would be a good idea to plan ahead for such services to remain organized during grief. 

Another alternative is to have the dog’s vet carry out the service of putting the dog to sleep. 

This option brings additional costs to the event as the vet will charge for transport, materials, handling, and consultation. 

The vet may advise on how to bury or cremate a dog and the follow-up action may require finances that give the dog a fitting send-off. 

However, taking mementos from the dog may be offered as part of the end-of-life service. If so, take some fur, or a paw print to remind you of the beloved feline. 

Are there places/ organizations that will euthanize a dog for free?

The SPCA (Society for the Protection & Care of Animals) for a specific region can provide information on places to put a dog to sleep for free. 

Additionally, there are other places like animal Rescue centers, the local veterinarian, Humane Society, and animal shelters that can assist with information on putting a dog to sleep at no cost.  

How much does it cost to put a dog to sleep at the Humane Society?

The Humane Society of the United States is a national organization that is centered on ending cruelty to animals. 

Their drive results in more affectionate handling of animals and makes people adopt more animals than is known. 

The sheer variety of animals that they have had saved from a cruel master is encouraging to say the least, for people to take action to end animal cruelty. 

Putting a dog to sleep at the Humane Society is determined at each location in consideration of local conditions and rules. 

Generally, the following costs apply by weight of the dog:

  • Under 30pounds: $80 to $190
  • 31-60pounds: from $240
  • 61-90pounds: from $290
  • 91+pounds: from $340

Check with the Humane society office in your area to determine the price and other attendant end-of-life services you can get. 

How do you know when it is time to put your dog down?

There are several reasons that a dog would need to be put to sleep, but the most common is old age that results in poor quality of life. 

When a dog is old, it may have multiple problems that make its life drudgery ranging from poor eyesight, uncontrolled bladder movements, abnormal fur shedding, and poor eating habits that lead to weakness. 

At such a time, a vet will recommend that the dog be put to sleep to avoid further suffering. 

You can observe the animal for other abnormal behavior such as:

– Extended whining that indicates it is in pain.

– Decreased movement

– Feeding less

– Labored breathing

– Vet recommendation

All the above conditions must vary greatly from the dog’s norm, so it is important that you also observe the dog when it is healthy and know its “usual” mood. 

What is the best way to get over the death of a dog?

Grieving over a dog’s death is a process that should be given time. 

During this time it is best to talk out the feelings with someone empathetic to your situation. 

When you feel strong enough for action, start bonding with other pets that you do not own. 

You may volunteer at local pet shelters and walk a dog without a family, offer a dog light grooming, and other services that will make you feel able to care for a pet again. 

Repeat this routine while keeping mementos of your pet to heal over its death. 

The recommendation above helps a mourning dog owner to let out feelings and energies in a way that they can control. 

The result is a ripple effect of manageable decisions that lead to graceful healing and fond memories of the beloved dog. 

What other services does PetSmart offer?

PetSmart has grown into a leader in pet care services by continuously improving the services it offers to make owning a pet very comfortable and affordable. 

For those who have embraced a pet as a family member, it offers a variety of services primed for this unique family member such as pet grooming, dog training, PetsHotel, and Doggie Day Camp.

PetSmart pet grooming

A pet with a good hair day is visibly jovial and a good sight for the eyes. PetSmart can make that happen for your dog with its grooming services. Many dog owners will attest to the positive effects of shampooing, drying, trimming, and combing a dog’s fur that they get from PetSmart dog grooming.  


Whether you are travelling or going in for a medical procedure, moving house or remodeling, PetsHotel provides for dog in-stay services at affordable costs. It helps dog owners reduce stress on the animal that comes from extended abnormal conditions like when its owner is away. At PetSmart PetsHotel, the dog will get boarding services, meals, grooming and personalized care that will keep it good spirits until it gets back home. 

Doggie Day Camp

Your feline friend has been at home all week, probably all month, and the space is confined too confined for a dog with his energy. Doggie Day Camp by PetsSmart is the perfect day getaway for frolicking in the sun and playfields. The dog will come back home energized and happy always wanting to go back to Doggie Day Camp.  

Dog Training

Sit, fetch, roll, and stay, are words that many dog lovers will affectionately use when communicating with a dog. However, the dog needs to learn what these words mean since they are human language. To ensure your feline friend understands you, take up the services of PetSmart dog training. You will have an easier time managing your time with a dog that can stay in one place on command, has good potty training, and obeys eating schedules. 

Closing Thoughts:

PetSmart is a pet welfare organization that amalgamates most of the services needed to make having a pet happier and rewarding. 

As such, PetSmart through its affiliates, advises dog owners on how to go about putting a dog to sleep and how to rejuvenate after grieving over its loss. 

It is responsible and caring to opt for the end of a dog’s life when it is obvious it is in needless suffering. 

It would be more irresponsible and torturous to keep a dog in a state of pain and poor health, than following a vet’s recommendation to end its life. 

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