Dog Potty Training: Tips on How to Potty Train Your Dog Fast

You might want to know how to potty train your dog fast because you want to move past this difficult stage of owning a dog. Once you decide that you need a dog in your family and adopt an adorable puppy, you might think that this is all there is to owning a dog. However, the puppy might piddle at the center of the living room and leave you infuriated and frustrated not knowing what to do. This is the time when you realize that owning a puppy comes with a major responsibility of cleaning up the mess. Fortunately, you can avoid this responsibility by learning simple tips for potty training a dog fast.

Pay close attention to your dog

One of the fastest and easiest ways of dog potty training a dog is simply paying close attention and watching the signals that the dog wants to go potty. Ensure that the dog is always at the place where you can easily see it. You can use close doors or baby gates to ensure that the dog does not wander off or even go potty in your house. If you notice signs like sniffing around, squatting or scratching the door, take it out because it wants to go potty. Also take the dog outside after eating or drinking because most dogs feel the urge to go potty about 10 minutes after drinking or eating. Each time you take the dog out to go potty, avoid playing with it. Instead, sit off or stand to the side waiting for it to go potty.

Be Consistent and praise the dog

If you cannot watch your dog closely for a long period, use a crate to train it. Crate training might feel like imprisoning the dog but most dogs will eventually appreciate the security and safety of the crate. Make sure that the crate is sufficiently large so that the dog can turn around and stand in it. Make sure that while in the crate, the dog feels comfortable and safe. Always take the dog out to the designated toilet area once you let it out of this crate because consistency and repetition are key factors when it comes to potty training a dog fast.

Introduce cue words

You need to choose words that you will use to encourage the dog to go potty. For instance, you can say words like “go potty” or “wee wee” any time you take the dog outside to potty. Repeat these words each time you take the dog outside so that it can associate the words with the act. Eventually, the dog will get used to these words making potty training it easier and quicker.

Do not punish the dog when accidents occurs

Punishing the dog when accidents occur during potty training will scare it and this will ruin the gains acquired during the training period. Instead of punishing the dog, clap or make loud noise to startle it.

Generally, to potty train your dog fast you need consistency and diligence. Always be attentive and make the right moves such as praising the dog for doing the right thing.