Potty Training a Puppy: Secrets for Potty Training Puppies from Dog Potty Training Specialists

If you are one of those people who say that potty training a puppy is difficult that potty training an older dog, you need to learn simple tricks that will change this perception. Potty training your puppy should not be an impossible task. Training a puppy to potty is in fact one of the best investments you can make if you are a fan of dogs. This is because unless you intend to confine the pet in a small part of your home throughout its life, it needs to learn when and where to eliminate. Generally, a well trained puppy will eventually be a treasured family member and a true companion. Here are simple tricks that will make potty training your puppy easier.

If you have consistent, scheduled feedings, setting consistent, scheduled elimination times becomes possible and easy. After potty training your puppy, it should be allowed to go out four times in a day to potty. Therefore, allow the pooch adequate time to finish its business while training. Another thing that might help the puppy is ensuring that you take it out to the same spot to eliminate. This is because smelling its urine and feces will encourage it to go potty.

Reward the puppy for good behaviour

Rewarding the puppy will encourage good potty behavior. Therefore, make sure that you are around when the puppy goes outside so that you can reward it with praise, treats or even a walk. For further details on puppy potty training follow us on twitter.

Startle the puppy instead of scaring it

If you catch the puppy in the elimination act at the wrong place, clap to startle the puppy out of what it is doing. After doing this, take it outside and praise it once it finishes eliminating. Avoid punishing the pet for eliminating at the wrong place or yelling at it because this will only make it afraid. If you do this, the puppy will simply hide from you whenever it needs to go potty. This is precisely why you need to startle the puppy instead of scaring it.

Watch your puppy closely

Some puppies show clear signs when they want to go. Such signs include scratching the door, sniffing and circling. Watch such signs closely to prevent accidents at the time of training the puppy to potty. If that is not possible, use a crate to train the puppy to hold it till you take it outside. In most cases, a puppy will not eliminate in its crate.

Maintain cleanliness

Regardless of how vigilant you will be while potty training a puppy, accidents will occur. When this happens, clean the area thoroughly to remove smell of urine and feces in the soiled areas. If you do not do this, the puppy will be tempted to go potty in the same areas.