Potty Training A Small Puppy With Ease

Potty training a small puppy can be a challenge if you do not know how to do it. The first thing that you need to do while potty training your small puppy is to set it up for success. You need to develop a positive, confident attitude and make going potty easy for the puppy. Anticipate when the puppy needs to go potty and keep the toilet area in a close range. Ensure that there are no distractions and obstacles on the way. Generally, if you want to potty train a small puppy, the following tips from out puppy potty training experts will make the task easier for you.

Supervise the puppy and restrict its freedom

As you potty train your small puppy, restrict its freedom to a relatively small area. This will make supervising it easier. Have a gate in the room where the puppy stays and make the flooring easy to clean. If you opt to use piddle pads, have one in the corner a distant from the water bowl and bed. Observe the puppy closely so that you can know how to recognize the signs that it wants to go. Some of the signs that most puppies show include sniffing and circling. Keep the target close because small puppies are unlikely to travel long distance to go potty especially while playing since they do not want to miss any bit of the fun.

Be Consistent

Potty training puppies can take different forms including outdoor training, strict outdoor training, pad training and crate training. It is important that you choose one training method and uphold it throughout. Moving the toilet area around, making many targets and changing tactics will confuse the puppy. Simply stick to one training routine and make changes via more training only after the puppy has learnt the basics. Choose the words to use such as “good potty” and “go potty” to encourage the puppy to go potty.

Establish a clear routine

Have potty breaks that follow a clear routine. For instance, you can take your puppy to the toilet area upon waking up in the morning, after a nap, immediately after meals, after playing and after anything that excites the puppy. Most small puppies require hourly breaks at the beginning of the potty training exercise. Nevertheless, make sure that you have a routine so that the puppy can know when it will have a potty break. Anticipating the needs of your small puppy is part of assisting it to maintain a good potty behavior.

Reward the puppy

Your puppy wants to ensure that you are pleased by what it does. Each time the puppy goes potty at the right place, lavish it in praises. Have a party with your puppy to show it that you are pleased by its good act. Reward the puppy immediately so that it can associate the reward with the good potty habit.Following these tips from gotta potty and get to know how to train puppy to potty will make the task easier for you and the puppy.

Basically, by following these tips for potty training a small puppy from our experts, you will find the task simple. Within a few days, your puppy will be able to potty at the right place successfully.