11 Small Dogs With Long Snouts

Welcome to my post which is all about small dogs with long snouts.

If your ultimate dog with a long nose is actually an Afghan Hound but you haven’t got the room or time to exercise and groom such a beautiful dog, then the smaller dogs in my list might be just what you are looking for.

And there is quite a variety.

In terms of size, the largest dog in my list is the Basenji which can be about 17 inches tall and weigh up to 24 lbs and the smallest is the Russian Toy Terrier which will grow to a maximum of 11 inches tall..

To find out more about the eleven small dogs with long snouts that are on my list, let me introduce you to my first dog…

[1] Italian Greyhound

The Italian Greyhound is a smaller, or miniature breed of Greyhound that is often regarded as the Sighthound. Their snouts are elongated and thin, much like the rest of their body! 

The Italian Greyhound is full of energy and will need daily playtime, they are very delicate and should be watched closely in open spaces. 

Their thin sleek coat is easy to manage and perfect for their hyper and personal attitudes. The Italian Greyhound is of the toy variety, bred to be the companion to jesters they are bubbly and bold creatures. 

A male IG can grow to be 13-15in and weigh to be 7-14lbs. 

[2] Chinese Crested Dog

These interesting looking dogs are born either hairless(with some hair on the head, tail, and feet) or a full haired fluff. Their snouts protrude from their face into a small protruded perfect nose. 

Though gorgeous when covered in hair, the Chinese Crested Dog is one of the most unattractive looking breeds. They are very small dogs but do run a risk of becoming overweight if not fed properly. 

They do only need a small amount of exercise and will love being with their owner.

A Chinese Crested Dog can grow to be 11-13in and weigh in to be 8-12lbs. 

[3] Toy Manchester Terrier

The Toy Manchester Terrier is an almost exact miniature of its standard counterpart. Their snouts are an elongated even extension of their face that resembles a cone. 

Their thin legs support their small muscular body making them look very proper and intimidating when standing straight. 

The toy manchester terrier has a very thin coat that rarely needs to be groomed, they don’t shed and are very easy to maintain. 

However, they do have expensive appetites for high-quality food.

An adult toy manchester can grow to be 10-12in tall and will only weigh a maximum of 12lbs. 

[4] Miniature Pinscher

This adorable breed can easily be mistaken for a chihuahua. The miniature pinscher’s snout is elongated much like the toy manchester terrier, only maybe a bit shorter due to breeding. 

This breed is full of life and is regarded as the “king of toys,” his command of the playground and love of playthings gave him this title. 

He will need daily walks and exercise! 

The miniature pinscher has a thin flat coat that is easy to manage and great for cleaning up after a playdate. 

They can grow to be about 10-11in and weight to be 8-10lbs. These little guys will surprise you with their attitude. 

[5] Peruvian Inca Orchid

The Peruvian Inca Orchid is a commonly hairless breed with short small snouts. This odd-looking breed’s snout also looks fairly similar to the toy manchester terrier, elongated and cone-like. 

When they have hair it is still fairly thin and they need little grooming, however, being hairless they may need sunscreen on summer days. 

These feisty creatures are incredibly loyal and act as great guard dogs, but should be watched around other small animals as the Peruvian Inca Orchid may attack its unknown prey. 

This breed does have a range of sizes, but of the toy variety, they grow to be 10-16in tall and weigh to be 9-17lbs. 

[6] Portuguese Podengo Pequeno

Another breed that comes in a variety of sizes, the Portuguese Podengo Pequeno is short and stubby with a short small snout. 

Their nose is a square button that sticks out from their face. The coat of the Podengo Pequeno is either short-haired, smooth and slick, or long-haired and “wirey”. 

Bred as small hunting dogs, the Podengo Pequeno is energetic and loves to run and play. Though full of life, the Podengo Pequeno makes a perfectly loving mild-mannered house pet.

As a toy breed, they can grow to be 8-12in tall and weigh in at around 9-13lbs.  

[7] Rat Terrier

This lovable little buddy has a pronounced face highlighted by its pointed ears and straight snout. Similar to the miniature pinscher the Rat Terrier’s snout sticks straight from its face in a triangular shape. 

Their short thick coat is very easy to groom and will only shed seasonally.

The Rat Terrier loves to play and needs regular exercise, though walks are good he would rather chase a ball or play with you. They require plenty of companionship, as well, and will prefer family environments. 

The miniature Rat Terrier grows from 10-13in while the standard can grow from 13-18in and weigh 10-25lbs. 

[8] Russian Toy

A very small breed, the Russian Toy was bred from the English Toy Terrier in, of course, Russia. Their small faces are topped with big ears and dotted with square protruding snouts. 

Even smaller than the snouts of the Miniature Pinscher, but similar in shape.

These royal pups are charming and loving, ever in need of attention from their owners. 

The Russian Toy has plenty of energy and will play as long as you can, thankfully their small bodies mean even a small yard can fulfill their exercise needs.

These little guys grow to only 8-11in with a weight of only 6.5lbs.

[9] Toy Fox Terrier

The Toy Fox Terrier is a thin miniature terrier breed with long thin snouts that stick out from their face. This small breed packs a ton of personality and charisma in a tiny body. 

Their short coat is easy to maintain and they will only need a bath after a dirty play day. 

The Toy Fox Terrier is full of energy and loves to go outside for runs, hikes, or any adventure. 

They are well behaved in the home and are perfect for children who love to play! 

This toy terrier grows from 8.5-11.5in and weighs as little as 3.5-7lbs

[10] Basenji

The Basenji is a bit larger than some of the other breeds on our list, he has longer legs and a full-body, his curly tail is a signature look. 

The Basenji snout is thicker and cone-like, similar to the Peruvian Inca Orchid. Their coat is flat and short and perfect for their hunting ancestry. 

The Basenji is an intelligent breed and is the one most compared to be like a cat, as they are reserved around people and very independent. 

They need lots of exercise and love to be challenged.

The smallest of the hound types, Basenjis grow to be 17in and weigh to be about 24lbs. 

[11] Bedlington Terrier

If you thought the Chinese Crested Dog breed looked strange, the Bedlington Terrier is even stranger. 

It’s snout sticks down from his face instead of straight out like our other breeds, giving him the ever noticeable “long face”.

Their coat is hypoallergenic, their fur is fairly short, curly, soft, and rough. It needs regular maintenance to not get matted or unkempt.  

Like our other terriers, this poodle looking breed is highly energetic and needs regular exercise. 

After a long walk or game of fetch, your Bedlington Terrier will be happy to just hang with the family. 

This charming breed grows to 15-17in and can weigh to be 17-23lbs.

James Grayston

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