Why Is My Dog Vomiting Pink Foam?

Many people are fortunate enough to have owned dogs in their lifetime but have never seen them vomit red or pink foam.  It’s natural for us to be hyper-aware of what’s coming in and out of our pet’s mouths, particularly since we cannot ask them how they’re feeling.  As dogs can be very independent and …

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My Dog Ate Wood And Is Throwing Up

A Golden Retriever laying down chewing a stick

In this post I look at one of a dog’s favourite activities- chewing sticks and wood and looking at why it can sometimes go a bit wrong. And by that I mean that after they have eaten the stick, they then throw up! But for those of you in a hurry, let me start by …

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My Dog Ate A Mushroom And Is Throwing Up

If you have just seen your dog eat a mushroom and then throw up, then you need to act fast. I mean if you have just given your dog a bite of your mushroom pizza and then seen them vomit, your dog will probably be fine. The mushroom didn’t agree with them but the body …

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Help! My Puppy Hiccups And Vomits

Watching the body of your new puppy tremble every few seconds for some minutes or almost an hour is enough to scare any pet parent, especially if it’s your first furry baby. But just like we humans have hiccups, dogs have hiccups too.  In fact, hiccups are a mammalian thing and every animal with a …

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My Dog Ate Rib Bones And Is Throwing Up

This photo shows rib bones which have had the meat gnawed off!

Dogs love bones. There’s no question about that. But just like anything else, feeding your pooch with bones has its cons, too. If you are not careful, your pet may suffer from broken teeth as well as mouth or tongue injuries. Or worse, the bone or pieces of it may get stuck in the dog’s …

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Why Is My Dog Vomiting After Eating Marrow Bone?

 If a dog’s prayers were answered, bones would rain from the sky, says an old Turkish proverb. Well, that would be unpleasant for the rest of us, but, hey, many dog owners would do anything to make their pets happy. And since the skies do not grant that incredible bounty, most people take it upon …

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