What Can My French Bulldog Not Eat? 12 Foods To Stay Away From

Having a dog comes with certain responsibilities, which include making sure that the pet gets the best care as you would provide your own child with. If you have a Frenchie, you have to ensure proper nutrition so it will grow strong and healthy.

You might be aware now that French bulldogs can eat human food too. But you must remember that not all food that you have on your table can be served to them. Some of the items that you have in your daily diet could be detrimental to a dog’s health. Your pet might end up going to a vet, or worse, it could even result in death. This is the biggest reason why you should know what NOT to feed your pooch with.

What Can French Bulldogs Not Eat?


You might be one of the people who love Guacamole or plain avocado itself. While you are enjoying this particular fruit and thinking of maybe giving some to your Frenchie, you better stop right there. Although avocado is considered as “superfood” because of its many health benefits to human beings, that does not mean that French bulldogs can eat them too.

Avocado contains Persin, which has been found to be quite dangerous to dogs and other animals. Your pup won’t be able to digest this substance and it can lead to other digestive problems.


I’m sure you would love to share your chocolates with your cute Frenchie. However, you have to take note that these sweets contain theobromine, which can negatively stimulate the heart. Your dog could get hyper. Or worse, the beating of the heart may become irregular, which could lead to death.

Also, it has a diuretic effect, which means that your French bulldog may experience excessive urination. This is not good because it may dehydrate your pup. Again, this is something that is fatal.

If fed with too much chocolates, a Frenchie may also get poisoned, which is characterized by vomiting, tremors, diarrhea, as well as seizures.

With all that said, it may be sweet for you to give your dog some chocolates, but it would be best to keep the treat for yourself.

Cooked Bones

You might be surprised to see cooked bones on this list. It might seem ironic because we all know that dogs love to eat bones. But let me just reiterate that we are talking about “cooked” bones here. They are very dangerous when eaten especially by puppies.

Since they are cooked, they become brittle and easy to break. The sharp edges could get stuck in a dog’s teeth. And this could cause sores or wounds in the mouth. If this happens, your Frenchie won’t be able to eat, which, again, could lead to more problems.

When swallowed, the sharp bones could cause choking. They may also damage the lining of the stomach as well as the intestinal tract.

Corn Cobs

Feeding your French bulldog with corn on the cob is another big no-no. The cob itself is quite dangerous as it could cause choking or even intestinal obstruction. So regardless if your Frenchie gives you his cute look while you are eating a piece of corn on the cob, be firm. Do not share it with your pooch. And besides, the corn itself can cause allergies or irritations.


Onions are good particularly when sautéing. They can make meals a lot tastier. However, this type of ingredient is something that should not be given to your Frenchie at all cost. They contain certain compounds (disulfides and thiosulphates) which have adverse effects on the red bloods cells of a dog. The RBC will break down or burst, which could leave your puppy having a hard time breathing. This may result in death. So when feeding your dog, you should always ensure that the meal is not mixed with onions for that matter.


Garlic is another type of spice that you should never give to your poochie. It would have the same effects as that of an onion. It could cause anemia as well as issues with the red blood cells.

Raw Eggs

French bulldogs can snack on well-cooked eggs, but definitely not on the ones that are raw. Uncooked eggs may cause allergies, not to mention that they can also present the risk of contracting salmonella. Giving them to your dog may also lead to biotin deficiency.


Nutmeg is a spice that is usually used in baking. Unfortunately, this is not recommended to be eaten by Frenchies. It can have toxic effects, especially when taken in large doses. It contains the toxin called myristicin not only hallucinations, but also abdominal pain and seizures. It can increase the blood pressure too.

Before you give any baked goods to your French bulldog, always take a look at the ingredients. Just in case your puppy has eaten nutmeg by accident, you must call a veterinarian immediately particularly if it is starting to show the signs and symptoms mentioned above.

 Macadamia Nuts

Giving even a few pieces of this particular type of nuts to your Frenchie is not good, especially when consumed without their shells. The body temperature as well as the heart beat of your pup may get elevated. This could also cause paralysis and tremors.

If you see that your French bulldog is panting in an abnormal way or if it has difficulty standing (due to weak legs), have it checked by a veterinarian right away.

Fatty Foods

Just like any other breeds of dog, a Frenchie can also enjoy a piece of meat. But then, you should avoid giving fatty foods, such as turkey or chicken skin, bacon, and anything that is deep-fried. They could cause pancreatitis.

The symptoms of canine acute pancreatitis include swollen abdomen, gagging, diarrhea, as well as restlessness. If you notice that your Frenchie is experiencing any of these, you should seek the help of a vet immediately. Otherwise, the condition may get worse and that would lead to a more serious health problem.


For us, peaches are good to snack on or even for dessert. However, for dogs, this kind of fruit could pose dangers as it contains plant toxins (cyanogenic glycosides) that can lead to cyanide poisoning. This condition is fatal.

Cherries and plums have the same effects on dogs, so you really have to be careful. Never give these food items to your cute poochie.

Salty Foods

Salty foods are not good for human beings and animals alike. If you give treats loaded with salt to your Frenchie, it can lead to kidney disease or failure. Doing so will most likely increase the dog’s blood pressure, which is considered as life threatening.

Additionally, when you are serving a snack, especially those that you buy from the store, to your puppy, make sure to always check on how much salt it contains. Remember that salt is being used as a preservative, and too much of it is quite risky.

Processed Foods

Processed foods that are being advertised on TV or even magazines could be enticing to serve to your dog. In fact, most of them would claim that they contain nothing but natural goodness. However, these foods contain a high amount of preservatives that could hurt your puppy. And since they have been cooked already, their chemical structures are altered, leaving them with low-nutritional value. Your French bulldog’s system might not be able to digest them, and this is when health problems may start to arise.

Furthermore, processed foods contain artificial colouring as well as unhealthy fats, which are all not good for your French bulldog.

 What Difficulties Do French Bulldogs Have When Eating?

The mouths of Frenchies are small and have an odd shape. Due to this reason, this type of dog may have difficulty in eating. Even if they are really hungry, they can’t bite on big chunks of food. This may hinder them from grasping their treats too.

Also, a majority of French bulldogs have an underbite. Some cases could be problematic, while others are not.

Due to severe cases of an underbite as well as the small and irregularly-shaped mouths of Frenchies, their teeth may not align well. The teeth themselves may wear out due to the collision of the upper and lower ones. This is a scenario when the dog may not be able to eat well anymore and may have serious illnesses due to lack of nourishment.

What Can a Frenchie Owner Do?

To ensure that your pooch can still eat as it should despite the irregularities that come with its mouth, teeth, jaw, and other facial structures, you can do the following:

·         Provide a bowl that can support the facial structure of your puppy. The shallow ones are highly recommended.

·         To show affection, you can feed your Frenchie on your hands once in a while (when feeding dry food). This may help your pet eat more.

·         Do not serve huge chunks of food, especially when it comes to meat and any fruits or vegetables that are hard. You should slice them up before serving.

·         If you notice that your Frenchie seems to have lost its appetite, visit a vet immediately so you will be able to identify what the problem is.