Can I Put Baking Soda In My Dog’s Water To Fix Bad Breath?

baking soda dog water bad breath

You’ve got a bit of a problem. You love your dog and there is nothing better than getting in close and giving them a real big squeeze. Or it is your dog that likes to climb up on the sofa in the evening and sit right next to you. And both of those things are …

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Will Olive Oil Fix A Bowel Obstruction In My Dog?

can olive oil fix bowel obstruction dog

Is your dog struggling to poop? Is he constantly retching and vomiting? And has he been refusing meals and looking miserable? Maybe he has something stuck somewhere in his gastrointestinal tract. Dogs are notorious for always sniffing things they find lying around, and they take almost anything they find interesting into their mouths.  When a …

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Can I sprinkle baking soda on my dog? 8 ways it can be used

can I sprinkle baking soda on my dog 1

Pet owners encounter many unexpected problems with their dogs, but some of them have very easy solutions. If you’ve ever heard about the multiple uses of baking soda around the house, you’ll be amazed to learn in how many ways this basic and cheap ingredient can help you with your dogs. No need to go …

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Pneumonia in dogs. Are there home treatments?

pneumonia dogs home treatment

Pneumonia is an illness that is usually treated with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications. But you must be wondering if there is any way you can handle the situation at home. Are you scared of vets? Or do you just want to treat your dog naturally? Why is my dog reverse sneezing at night? Find out …

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