7 Big Dog Breeds That Have Pointy Ears

Dogs with pointy ears are adorable, aren’t they? The way their ears stand up makes them look so cute.  But you might wonder, what dogs have pointy ears? Sometimes it’s easy to forget how big of a difference your dog’s ears make in his appearance.  If you love big dogs with pointy ears, you will …

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7 Black and White Terriers

Terriers come in all different shapes, sizes, temperaments and colours. And while initially bred to hunt rodents, these ‘earth dogs’ (terrier is French for just that) have long since developed into fabulous companions, suited to various lifestyles and personalities.  In this article we’ll be looking at just the breeds with coats of black and white, …

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7 Amazing 20lb Dog Breeds

Shelties have an overbite

Small dogs are perfect, pint sized, pillowy pets that pack all the personality of a big dog into the accessibility of a little one.  We love dogs of all shapes, sizes and temperaments, but for some walks of life a smaller breed is just what an owner needs – whether you’re in a small apartment …

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Black And Tan Corgis: An Essential Guide

black and tan corgis

Corgis are an adorable dog breed that was first bred in Wales. They’re often referred to as “Welshies” because of their origins.  Some believe that their name is derived from the Welsh words “cor” which means “watch over,” and “gi,” which means “dog.”  Queen Elizabeth II was such a fan of these dogs she had …

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7 Small Terrier Breeds

russ cuthrell Vc1SLcyS66I unsplash

Terriers are an enduring and popular breed of dog, and in appearance alone it’s easy to see why. But it isn’t just the timeless, refined, or pampered looks of these former rat catchers that makes them such fabulous companions. Terriers are affectionate, energetic dogs, full of life, capable of long walks and fearless loyalty. Yes …

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7 Brown Dog Breeds With Short Hair

short brown hair labrador

A while ago, I wrote an article about dogs that had red coats with short hair. Now this post has generate lots of interest from readers who are interested in dog breeds that have brown coats with short hair. And would you believe it but I have gone and created a list for you. And …

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9 Spotted Terrier Breeds

bull terriers have spots

You’ll never have a dull moment with a playful Terrier companion.  Most of us know that terriers can generally be described as large dogs in small bodies and by that I mean that they tend to have huge personalities and oodles of self confidence.  According to the AKC, there are 31 recognised breeds of terriers …

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7 Big, Black, Brown and White Dogs

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

All of us know at least one big, black, brown or white dog.  If you’ve ever met one, how can you forget them?  They require mountains of dog food every week and climb up to head height to give massive, furry cuddles. Whilst big dogs are endlessly loveable, they do come with increased health hazards. …

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7 White Long Haired Dogs

blonde akbash

Because of their fluffy appearance, many people want to have a long-haired white dog.  For those of you looking for one of these, I have compiled a list of some of the most adorable white dogs with long hair.  And if you fancy getting a little distracted I have created some other lists about dogs …

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White Long-Haired Dachshund

White long haired Dachshund

The White Long Haired Dachshund is a beautiful and unique breed of dog.  Though they are not as common as the other colors of Dachshund, they are still a popular choice for many dog lovers. Although solid white and long haired Dachshunds are available, you will not see any of these at official American Kennel …

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