Why Is My Female Dog Leaking Clear Fluid From Her Anus?

There are six reasons why your female dog is leaking fluid from their anus and there are four common reasons that your bitch might be leaking fluid from her vagina. Sometimes when all you’ve got as evidence is the fluid itself, it is hard to know if it is leaking from their bottom or their …

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What Should I Do If My Dog Ate A Small Piece of Onion?

A sliced onion

If your dog eats a small amount of onion there is a chance that your dog won’t get ill. However, there is also a chance that your dog might become seriously ill. Onions contain a sulphuric compound that makes them very toxic to dogs and can be fatal. To work out if your dog has …

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I Almost Killed My Dog With Fish Oil

A jar of fish oil

“I almost killed my dog with fish oil” is the story of a dog who regularly took supplements of fish oil only for this to lead to a vitamin E deficiency with painful but not fatal consequences. The story is a cautionary tale because fish oil is one of the best selling supplements for dogs …

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Can Dogs Eat Chicken Gizzards?

Are you thinking of feeding chicken gizzards to your dog? You may have heard about this strange organ in a chicken and about how nutritious it is. But can dogs eat chicken gizzards? Dogs can eat chicken gizzards. Although they are small in size they contain very high levels of minerals and B vitamins and …

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How Much Beef Should I Feed My Dog Everyday?

How Much Beef Should I Feed My Dog Everyday

Have you just read about another dog food recall on Facebook? Or is your dog growing tired of eating his kibble day in day out. It’s time for a change and you are thinking of jazzing things up by adding some beef into his diet. But how appropriate would it be to start feeding your …

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Can Dogs Have Swanson Chicken Broth?

Can dogs eat Swanson chicken broth

Sometime ago, I wrote two posts about chicken broth. This one is about using chicken broth and onions. And this one is about whether chicken broth can cause diarrhea.  Those posts have been popular with my readers and they have been asking more questions and wanting more information. In today’s post I’m going to be …

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Can Dogs Eat Chicken Hearts?

Can dogs eat chicken hearts

Have you just bought a chicken and tucked in amongst all the giblets was a heart? Which leads you to wonder how nutritious they might be for your dog? Or it might be that you have stumbled on an article which has detailed the large concentrations of vitamins and minerals this ignored part of a …

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Can Dogs Eat Chicken Skin?

Can dogs eat chicken skin

Have you just started prepping a bunch of chicken thighs and you have a pile of spare skin? Or are you just cleaning up after a wonderful roast chicken dinner and you have a few pieces of skin left over? Well, if you are like my wife you will be a bit reluctant to place …

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Can Dogs Eat Chicken Thighs?

Can dogs eat chicken thighs

Are you looking to add more meat or protein to your dog’s diet? Are you thinking about using chicken thighs to achieve this? Chicken is a budget friendly meat and thighs are a very inexpensive part of the bird. But how dog friendly are chicken thighs? Should they eat them? Chicken thighs are a great …

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Can Dogs Eat Chicken Balls?

Can dogs eat chicken balls

Chicken balls are a favourite take out dish from Chinese restaurants in the US, Canada and the UK. These battered pieces of chicken which often come in a rich and sweet sauce without a doubt are delicious. But how appropriate is it for us to feed them to our dogs?  I will give you a …

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