Hello, everyone!

Hello. My name is James and I love dogs. Currently, I am the owner of two gorgeous Golden Retrievers, who I am devoted to.

In the past fifteen years I have owned four different Goldens.

Here are a few photos to photos of me and my dogs to share with you.

This is a photo of me with our latest pup, Flo, when she was 5 weeks old!
And here she is a few weeks later!
And here is Flo a few weeks later at home with our other Golden, Sylvie.

Here are my contact details

Email: james@qualitydogresources.com

Phone: (44) 7919 184 562

Address: 18 Orchard Hill, Exeter, EX2 9NH. UK.

Where do I get my love of French Bulldogs from, I hear you ask?

My step daughter has one, called Albert, and he is a real character.

I see Albert regularly and I started finding out more about French Bulldogs as I got more interested in finding ways to calm him down!

As the blog has grown over time, I have found other dog owners who want to share their experience and enthusiasm with you.

You can meet them below.


Sarah Pulman

I have loved dogs since I was told by my mum that I wasn’t allowed to own one when I was growing up!

And there is nothing like hearing the word “no” to make you even more determined.

Mind you that was a long time ago now and in my life I have rarely been without a dog.

Like James, I have owned a few Golden Retrievers but I have also owned Jack Russells, a few Shih Tzus. Currently, I own a Collie Terrier cross, named Ian.

There he is, below.

I know, it looks like butter wouldn’t melt but he is a handful!

You can read my articles here.