Why Is My Female Dog Leaking Clear Fluid From Her Anus?

There are six reasons why your female dog is leaking fluid from their anus and there are four common reasons that your bitch might be leaking fluid from her vagina. Sometimes when all you’ve got as evidence is the fluid itself, it is hard to know if it is leaking from their bottom or their …

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Do Dogs Pant When in Pain?

At a glance, a dog panting is a common sight. Many dogs pant for completely innocuous reasons.  But pet owners may still wonder, “Do my dogs pant when they’re in pain?” The short answer is yes. Dogs do pant to express discomfort.  But while it’s often a simple case of overheating, panting—especially excessive panting—can actually …

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Why Is My Dog Coughing And Panting?

Have you ever suddenly noticed your dog’s hacking cough or wheezy panting, then panicked and wondered how long has that been there? How could I have missed this? If so, you are not alone. It can be worrying when you see your dog coughing and panting, especially when nothing else seems obviously amiss.  Whilst it’s …

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Lumps Under Dogs Nipples After First Heat

If you own a female dog, you may already be familiar with some of the signs and changes associated with a dog’s heat cycle. During the heat cycle, a dog’s breasts may swell and become sensitive, among many other changes.  But what if they have lumps under the nipples, or swollen nipples after heat, is …

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Can I Put Coconut Oil On My Nursing Dog’s Nipples?

In recent years, coconut oil has taken center stage for its health benefits and numerous uses. People use it to help with everything from losing weight to killing viruses and pathogens. Sometimes it seems like there’s no condition you can’t solve with a bit of coconut oil therapy.  With all these positive effects for humans, …

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Why Is My Dog’s Stomach Gurgling And Their Not Eating?

Why is my dogs stomach gurgling and their not eating

Did you know that just like humans, dogs experience stomach gurgling?  This condition is scientifically known as borborygmi. They’re often minor issues and, in rare cases, problematic.  A rumble in your furry friends’ stomach is a normal part of their digestive process.  However, frequent noise, coupled with not eating, can make both the dog and …

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Why Has My Diabetic Dog Got Diarrhea?

diabetic dog diarrhea

Diabetes is a common disease found in dogs, especially in middle-age and older dogs. It’s a complex condition which has numerous possible side effects. And the one that I want to explore in this article is diarrhea. And in this article, you will learn: Is diarrhea a symptom of diabetes in dogs? Before I go …

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Why Is My Dog Scooting After Grooming?

dog scoot grooming

As loving parents, we take our dogs to be groomed in order to keep them comfortable and healthy. And these treatments aren’t cheap. So when they come back from these sessions and they clearly aren’t comfortable, it can be a bit of a shock. One of these behaviours is scooting. In this article, I will …

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Can Dogs Throw Up from Heat?

If your dog starts feeling overheated, you’d better keep an eye out before they become a hot dog! As pet owners, we all know how excited our furry friends can get whenever we bring them out for a walk. But as we stroll under the blazing sun, we may start to notice them panting a …

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Why Is My Dog Losing Hair But Not Itching?

hair loss dog no itching 1

It’s fairly normal that when dogs lose some hair it is because they are scratching an itch. But when they keep losing excessive amounts of hair without any signs of itch, you might be questioning what might be the cause. Before we dive further into the topic, it should be remembered that shedding for dogs …

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