Help! My Puppy Just Ate A Rock

puppy swallow rock

Dogs eat a lot of random things, from grass to your homework.  But what if your dog ate a rock?  And especially, what if your small puppy ate a rock? You would understandably be worried because rocks are extremely hard and rough. Puppies eating rocks can cause a slew of issues, from choking to intestinal …

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Should I Give My 8 Week Puppy A Bone?

8 week puppy bone

8 weeks is a very key time for a puppy.  It’s the age they mature and leave their mother and littermates behind to go to a new home.  It’s at this point they’re weaned off their mother’s milk to eat solid food for the first time.  It’s well known that dogs love chewing raw bones.  …

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Can Puppies Drink Yakult?

Can Puppies Drink Yakult

Your fur kid just had puppies, and they’re the cutest, tiniest bundles of joy you’ve ever laid your eyes on. Mommy’s doing well, caring for those little munchkins like a champ. Of course, you’re giving the best of everything to protect her health and make sure she’s thriving while weaning those little pups. But what …

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Why Is My Puppy Peeing Multiple Times In A Row?

Why Is My Puppy Peeing Multiple Times In A Row

Did you know that a 3-pound puppy can produce about 72 ml of urine every day? That’s like 3 ml every hour. Not much, really, if you think about it. But have you been spending so much time cleaning up a puddle lately because your little puppy has been peeing multiple times in a row? …

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Can A Puppy Have Diabetes?

Can A Puppy Have Diabetes

When we think of diabetes, we tend to think of it as a human-only disease. However, it is thought that one in 300 dogs have a diabetes diagnosis. As pet experts believe it to be an underdiagnosed condition, the real numbers could actually be greater. Diabetes is when the body struggles to produce insulin, which …

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My Puppy Has A Lazy Eye

Did you recently notice that your puppy’s eyes wander off in different directions? As a new pet parent, you may worry that your puppy has lazy eyes, and their eyes often involuntarily move in different directions. Lazy eyes are not very common in dogs, and fortunately it doesn’t cause any form of pain or discomfort …

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How much chicken can a puppy eat?

how much chicken can puppy eat

Bringing home a new puppy is very exciting, but at the same time you can find yourself feeling apprehensive and anxious. You may worry about what to feed your puppy and how much food to give, and what they would prefer. Most puppies would eat whatever you offer them, and chicken (in addition to high-quality …

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Why Are There Lumps On My Puppy’s Belly? 10 Reasons

why are there lumps on puppy belly

Having a new puppy changes your life quite a bit, and at the same time as it can result in a lot of fun and happiness it can also result in a lot of stress and worry. The stress and worry part can sometimes even overwhelm the happiness, particularly if there appears to be something …

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What To Feed A Nursing Dog To Gain Weight

what feed nursing dog gain weight

Wondering how to quickly and safely put weight back on a nursing dog is just another worry, in a long line of worries, that you go through as a proud dog “parent.” Hopefully this stressful process which started some nine weeks ago has had a happy ending. You have a healthy bitch and a squirmy …

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Why Is Having A Puppy So Exhausting?

why is having a puppy so

How can such a cute little thing make you so miserable? If you’re one of those sleep-deprived and mentally-exhausted new pet parents, take heart, you’re not alone in feeling miserable. There’s nothing wrong with you or your puppy. This is what being a new parent feels like no matter what species your baby is. And …

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