Why Is My Dog Walking With Her Tail Sideways?

why is my dog walking with her tail sideways

Sometimes it is hard to tell what our dogs are currently going through and what they’re feeling at the moment. But there are ways to tell by looking at their body language. By monitoring their body language, you can get some clues about what they are trying to communicate with you through their tails, posture, …

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How To Hydrate A Dog With Diarrhea

rehydate dog diarrhea

If you are a pet owner, you probably already know how important it is to keep your dog hydrated, but did you know, that if your dog loses more than 10% of the water in his body, he could get very sick and even die? Dogs need water just like humans, and they can’t exactly …

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Can Worms Cause Hair Loss In Dogs?

do worms cause hair loss in dogs Edited

Have you just noticed that your dog is losing hair after having recently been treated for an infestation of worms of one sort or another? Although it is not impossible, it is incredibly unlikely that this hair loss is due to worms.  And let me start by explaining why… Top Treatments Worms Even if your …

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What Is A Bland Diet For A Dog With Ulcers?

what is a bland diet for dog with ulcers

Is your dog suffering from a loss of appetite? Does he seem weak? It’s so hard to tell what’s wrong with a pet, as he has no way of letting you know he’s in pain. One health issue many pet owners tend to overlook is ulcers. A dog with ulcers? Unfortunately, yes, dogs can get …

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Help! My French Bulldog Has Red Itchy Paws

french bulldog red itchy paws

If you’re a French Bulldog owner, you’ll know that this unique breed is adorable and wins over of nearly everyone they encounter. You’ll also know that they require special love and care since they’re prone to many medical conditions and allergies. Poor pups. If you noticed that your bat pig has red, itchy paws, know …

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Why Is My Dog Not Drinking Water and Lethargic?

Dog not drinking water and lethargic

There are many reasons why a dog won’t drink water and lie in his corner and some of them can indicate a serious health problem. Here is a look at the most common illnesses that can cause your dog’s sudden change of behavior. Common Infections that Cause Lethargy in Dogs Parvovirus Parvovirus is a disease …

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Dog Leaking Poo While Asleep

dog leaking poo while asleep

Well, this is an unpleasant surprise! Your house-trained pooch wakes up in a puddle of his own mess, looking sheepish and confused. While incontinence is a common problem for older dogs, younger dogs could also develop a lack of bowel control. In younger dogs, this could be a severe issue, and you should take poor …

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Pneumonia in dogs. Are there home treatments?

pneumonia dogs home treatment

Pneumonia is an illness that is usually treated with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications. But you must be wondering if there is any way you can handle the situation at home. Are you scared of vets? Or do you just want to treat your dog naturally? Why is my dog reverse sneezing at night? Find out …

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