Can Dogs Eat Flies?

Well over a year ago, I wrote an article about why some dogs were afraid of flies– which was after a conversation I had with my dad about one of his dogs. That article has led to many people asking me a closely related question about whether dogs can eat flies. And so I have …

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Dog Keeps Licking Anus After Grooming – Why Is That?

Many pet parents wonder why their dog keeps licking his anus after grooming. Or why does the dog’s bum look all red and irritated? Not exactly what they were expecting. After all, for us, humans going to the beauty salon is a most pleasant experience and we walk out all glowing and happy.  The big …

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Why Is There A Clear Jelly Discharge From My Female Dog?

If your female dog has a clear jelly discharge and you’re wondering what might be the cause, you are not alone. Many pet owners are quite confused about problems concerning their dogs’ nether parts. Is it normal for a dog to have some sort of vaginal discharge? Sometimes, yes, it is quite normal, but you’ll …

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Can Dogs Eat Goat’s Cheese?

can dogs eat goat cheese

If dogs had a vote on this, the answer would be a wholehearted “Yes.” Dogs love cheese, any sort of cheese. Or almost. If it comes to whether you should feed your dog goat cheese, the answer is not all that clear. Goat cheese is certainly not dangerous to dogs unless your pooch happens to …

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My Dog Has A Runny Nose And Loose Stools

Any pet parent has had to deal with their faithful companion having a bout of diarrhea or a runny nose. When they occur separately, they’re not much of a problem. However, when a dog exhibits both symptoms at the same time most pet owners start to worry. When a dog has a runny nose and …

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Why Does My Dog Flea Bite Me?

why does my dog flea bite me

If only dogs could talk… Dogs don’t need to talk, they have various ways of expressing themselves, and the only problem is that we don’t always understand what they’re trying to tell us. It’s not hard to figure out what is your dog trying to convey when you walk in and he starts wagging his …

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Can A Brown Recluse Kill a Dog?

Can a brown recluse kill a dog

When they see a spider, most people will back off quickly or try to kill it. Dogs, unfortunately, have no fear of a tiny insect, and, being very inquisitive by nature, they run the risk of getting a nasty spider bite. Not all spiders are venomous, but a brown recluse can cause a serious injury. …

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Can A Dog See Infrared?

Have you ever noticed your dog was acting weird and you couldn’t understand why? Maybe your pet was reacting to infrared light. Some dogs are sensitive enough to react to you pressing the remote button. Does this mean that dogs can see infrared light? Well, yes and no. They don’t actually see it, or at …

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Can A Cat Kill A Dog?

Can a cat kill a dog

Who’d win in a fight between a dog and a cat? Most people would bet on the dog and for good reason. Dogs are usually larger and have a stronger bite, so the question seems like a no-brainer. However, if you have a toy dog, worrying whether a cat can kill a dog is quite …

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What Is A Spinone Doodle?

Are you looking for a new pet or are you just intrigued about this breed after meeting a Spinone Doodle for the first time?  Spinone dogs are simply adorable and quite energetic, but they make wonderful pets as they are very energetic and funny to the point of being clownish.  Apart from their need for …

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