7 White Long Haired Dogs


Because of their fluffy appearance, many people want to have a long-haired white dog. 

For those of you looking for one of these, I have compiled a list of some of the most adorable white dogs with long hair. 

And if you fancy getting a little distracted I have created some other lists about dogs with long white hair.

This post contains a list of big dogs that have white coats and long hair.

Whereas this post contains a list of white and long haired dogs that are small.  

But before I start the list, I want to take a quick look at some of the pros and cons of owning these types of dogs. 

Pros and cons of having white dogs

Usually people who opt for white dogs find them cuter. 

Some people specifically want to own a dog that looks like a polar bear.

But white dogs have their issues too. 

For starters, they can be more difficult to keep clean. Secondly, since they completely lack pigment, white dogs are more prone to allergies. 

They’re also said to have a higher risk of skin diseases and skin cancer.

Pros and cons of having long-haired dogs

Those who want long-haired dogs usually do so because they have that fluffy adorable look and feel softer when snuggled.

However, dogs with long hair will get hot during the summer. 

They might get fussy from the heat and the fur will definitely mat. 

They’re also more likely to shed everywhere. Long-haired dogs definitely need more maintenance and grooming.

Overall, if you’re committed to grooming your pup, having a loyal majestic big white dog is definitely worth it. 

From the adorable Akita Inu to the extremely stylish Afghan Hound, these breeds will melt your heart.

White Canadian Eskimo (Canadian Inuit Dog)

A fine looking specimen, don’t you think? ¹

If you want a big, fluffy dog that looks like a polar bear, you might want to consider a breed of the same homeland. 

Originating in the extreme weather of the Arctic, the Canadian Eskimo dog is a large breed with a thick coat.

Most Canadian Eskimos are bicolored, with predominantly black/brown/grey coat adorned by a white patch on their chest and face.

But there are also pure black, grey, and white Canadian Eskimo dogs.

With long fluffy hair, white Canadian Eskimo dogs look majestic.

Appearance-wise they look similar to Siberian huskies which is why they’re also called the Canadian husky.

Adult males can grow to around 28 inches while adult females stand as tall as 24 inches.

Canadian Inuit dogs are working dogs, therefore they are very active. Just like huskies, they’re not very easy to take care of because they require a particular lifestyle. You need to provide them with a lot of exercises at least two hours a day, preferably in groups.

White Akita Inu

An adorable fluffball of white…²

The second big, white, long-haired dog that might melt your heart is the Japanese breed Akita Inu.

Many people consider them to be the large version of the internet popular Shiba Inu.

You might also recognize the breed from the infamous tear-jerking movie “Hachiko.”

The common fur color of Akita Inu is red or fawn/golden with white chest, face, belly, and legs (called urajiro marking).

Other Akita Inus have brindle patterns on their coat, and then of course there’s the pure white Akita Inus.

If you have fallen for the cute face of Shiba Inu but want a bigger dog to protect your house, Akita Inu is perfect for you.

The average height of Akita Inus is around 26 to 28 inches and females around 24 to 26 inches. They are very territorial and will guard your house from strangers.

They’re also alert, brave, and intelligent.

Another bonus point is that Akita Inu is fluffier (has a longer coat) than Shiba Inu, and the pure white variation looks especially cuddly.

As depicted in the movie Hachiko, this breed is known for being fiercely loyal.

Polish Tatra Sheepdog (Tatra Shepherd Dog)

This dog looks very calm..³

The Polish Tatra Sheepdog is a shepherd and guard dog for farm animals such as sheep.

As expected of a shepherd breed, Polish Tatras are large, averagely standing at 26 inches.

There’s only one type of Polish Tatra Sheepdog which is white.

They have no marking whatsoever on their body.

As working dogs, the Polish Tatra Shepherd dogs are very active.

They have endurance and will work tirelessly to guard the flock. In a house too, they are very protective and will shield your family from danger.

As a pet, you might need to train them harder than other dogs because of their independent nature.

Other than being excellent guardians, Polish Tatra Sheepdogs are also calm, intelligent, and independent.

However, they need regular interaction with humans because they’re used to working with shepherds.

Tatras are relatively friendly compared to most guardian dog breeds.

They are also great with children, showing tenderness and patience towards little humans. In terms of fluffiness, the two previous breeds got nothing on this one.

Tatra Shepherd Dogs have a heavy double coat with a dense undercoat.


Look at the length of those legs ⁴

The next big white dog breed is a guard dog originating in Turkey, the Akbash.

It’s a large livestock guard breed that stands at around 28 to 34 inches.

Their white fur combined with their imposing stance makes them the perfect shepherd dog breed because they blend into the flock and can scare off predators.

Akbash has white fur, sometimes with a hint of light biscuit in the undercoat.

Their dense white fur and floppy ears might make them look really cuddly but true to their guard dog nature, they’re very independent and not really affectionate.

Akbash is not the best with kids or other pets, but not the worst either.

You can get them to be friendly around children by socializing them early.

They are very territorial and protective of their family, so they bark at strangers a lot.

If you want to keep an Akbash, it would be best that you keep them in a spacious house with yards.

They don’t need particular exercise, probably just an hour a day, but due to their origin as livestock guard, they’re used to being out in the open.

Akbashes are highly intelligent but stubborn and independent.

White Armenian Gampr

Armenian Gampr is a breed of large, guardian dog.

They are very muscular and strong, and their height can reach up to 35 inches tall with the average height being 25 inches.

The breed comes in all colors, some of them brindled and some have patches.

Pure white Armenian Gamprs are pretty rare compared to brown or fawn.

The breed originated in the mountains of Armenia.

Their sole purpose was to act as guardians, protecting livestock from wild animals.

Armenian Gampr breed hasn’t been standardized or selectively bred and isn’t recognized by major kennel clubs.

Armenian Gamprs are independent guards who will defend you to death.

Because of their origin in the lonely mountains, they might not be the most affectionate pup.

But this doesn’t mean they’re aggressive, in fact, they are known to be gentle with children.

However, they’re still very strong and interactions with children should be supervised.

They have a dense, straight coat, resulting in a beautifully fluffy dog.

Their rough outer coat protects them from the weather, but it can cause you some difficulties in grooming. Y

ou should brush their fur every other week with a rake to prevent matting.

Ukrainian Shepherd (South Russian Ovcharka)

The South Russian Ovcharka is a big, white, long-haired dog originating in Ukraine. Not only is it a shepherd dog, but this breed is also good as a guard dog. They have an average height of around 26 inches.

The Ukrainian Shepherd has extremely long white, spotless fur, so long that fur will cover their eyes if not trimmed regularly.

There are also grey and deadgrass South Russian Ovcharkas, but the most common color is pure white.

Ukrainian Shepherds look very fluffy and harmless with floppy ears and a short tail all covered in jutting fur, but looks can be deceiving because this breed is very strong.

Their bones are hefty and they have well-developed muscles.

They’re usually an outside dog and they will stand watch over your house. Ukrainian Shepherds hate strangers and would bark at them.

You should only get this breed if you’re an experienced dog owner who can be authoritative with the dog.

They’re also very dominant and active, so they will require plenty of exercise and stimulation. 

White Afghan Hound

If you’re looking for a white and long-haired dog breed, and you want them to be really long-haired, this breed might be the one. The Afghan hound is a breed of medium-large hunting dog. The males stand at an average of 28 inches and the females are about 24-27 inches.

They have very long hair, and the fur comes in any color from silver to white. Because of their long hair, you would need a thorough and regular grooming routine. You should always groom your Afghan hound before their fur mats, around 2 times a week.

You might find your Afghan hound chasing small animals like cats and squirrels. People often call them the dumbest dog because they don’t follow traditional training methods, but they’re actually highly intelligent. Afghan hounds can hunt on their own without being directed, they’re just very stubborn and need gentle discipline.

The famous Spanish artist, Salvador Dali, owned an Afghan hound that became the muse of one of his works “Invisible Afghan with the Apparition on the Beach of the Face of Garcia Lorca in the Form of a Fruit Dish with Three Figs.”

Photo credits

¹ Photo by Saltank on Flickr

² Photo by Syuuki Oneimauo on Flickr

³ Photo by VirtualWolf on Flickr

⁴ Photo by Jerry Kirkhart on Flickr