9 Black Dogs With Pointy Ears

9 black dogs with pointy ears

Are you looking for your next dog, or perhaps a dog for a loved one or a dear old friend? And, at the moment all you have got to go on is that they must be black and have “pointed ears”. Although you might think that it doesn’t give you enough to go on, I …

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9 Dogs With Pointy Ears And Short Hair

dogs pointy ears and short hair

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. When I’m writing about dogs with pointy ears, I often think of the character “Scooby Doo” whose ears had a life of their own. The illustrators used his pointy ears to help express a wide range of emotions- that his voice alone couldn’t do. And if your current …

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Dog Breeds With Long Necks

dog breeds with long necks

Are you looking for a breed of dog that has a long neck? Is there something about the shape of these dogs which lends them a natural elegance?  Or perhaps you have owned a greyhound in the past and you are on the lookout for a similar type of dog. Well in this post, I …

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7 Small Dogs That Look Like Foxes

small dogs that look like

Are you one of those people who love to look through their patio doors and spy on a fox as they visit your garden. Or have you set up a wildlife camera? Perhaps you have had a “skulk” or “leash” (a family group of foxes) living under your shed.   Do you go as far as …

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Which Dog Breeds Have Whip Tails?

which breeds have whip tails

Dogs have different types of tail, and each type of tail generally identifies the type of breed. The tail is the most expressive part of a dog, by looking at the tail of your canine, you can know exactly what your dog is feeling, whether she’s excited, frightened or upset.  Some dogs have tails that …

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