Dog Breeds With Long Necks

Do dogs with long necks hold a special place
in your heart? ¹

Are you looking for a breed of dog that has a long neck? Is there something about the shape of these dogs which lends them a natural elegance? 

Or perhaps you have owned a greyhound in the past and you are on the lookout for a similar type of dog.

Well in this post, I will provide the lowdown on nine breeds of dogs with long necks. 

Some of the breeds will be very familiar to you, whilst others will be totally unknown.

And talking of which, let’s start with one of the more exotic breeds.  

[1] Basenji

How poised and elegant Basenjis are! ²

Origin: Of African descent, although it can be traced back to 12th century Egypt. 

Purpose: flushing out small game from undergrowth into hunters nets. Also used to control rodent populations. 

Colours: red, black, tricolour and brindle

Size: 17” tall at the shoulder.

Life expectancy: 10-12 years

Character: Energetic and curious, but stubborn. They tend to attach themselves to a single person. They don’t like other pets that aren’t dogs. They can climb chain link fences. 

Energy levels: high

Most distinguishing feature: They don’t bark but produce a sound more like a yodel. 

[2] Afghan hound

Can you see a long neck through all that hair?! ³

Origin: Afghanistan 

Purpose: hunting large prey such as leopards

Colours: Any colour but white markings on the head are discouraged

Size: 25” at the shoulder

Life expectancy: 10-12 years

Character: Gentle dogs that are great with kids but they needs lots of exercising

Energy levels: high

Most distinguishing feature: its beautiful coat which was needed for mountain living. 

[3] Greyhound

Look at the concentration on that face! ⁴

Origin: bred to chase foxes and deer

Purpose: most famously known as a racing dog because they can reach speeds of up to 50 miles per hour.

Colours: White, blue, red, brindle, fawn, black

Size: 27”- 28” inches at the shoulder

Life expectancy: 11- 14 years

Character: easy going and shy. Affectionate with owners, aloof with strangers. Very quiet. 

Energy levels: surprisingly low. Known to be couch potatoes.

Most distinguishing feature: their speed

[4] Borzoi

Borzoi’s necks aren’t quite as long as their legs! ⁵

Origin: Russia 

Purpose: To hunt rabbits, foxes and wolves. 

Colours: red, cream, black, fawn, white brindle

Size: 27” at the shoulder

Life expectancy: 7-10 years

Character: Affectionate with family members but a dog that is too aloof to want to play!

Energy levels: Not very high, although a high prey drive will see them race after squirrels or cats in a flash 

Most distinguishing feature: That beautiful coat. They are like greyhounds, with long silky coats. 

[5] Pharoah Hound

Look at me, I’m beautiful! ⁶

Origin: Malta. Their English name is thought to come from their origins as the hunting dogs of Pharaohs: but a DNA analysis suggests that the breed isn’t that old.

Purpose:  More likely they were bred to hunt rabbits in the Maltese mountains. The Maltese name for this dog literally means “rabbit dog”. 

Colours: Chestnut, tan and red golden. 

Size: 24” 

Life expectancy: 11- 14 years

Character: These dogs seem to tick so many boxes! They are affectionate and love to play to a “crowd”. They are highly trainable and eager to please except when they catch the scent of “prey.” Good luck getting these back. 

Energy level: Two twenty minute walks should be OK. But always exercise off a lead in an enclosed area.

Most distinguishing feature: There are quite few. Those ears are something else aren’t they? Pharaohs are said to “blush” when they are excited. 

[6] Dachshund

Their necks are nearly as long as their backs! ⁷

Origin: Bred in Germany primarily to hunt badgers at the beginning of the 18th century. The name literally means “badger dog”. 

A miniature version of the dog will hunt rabbits and mice. 

Purpose: See above!

Colours: black and tan, red, cream, chocolate and tan, fawn

Coat type: smooth, wire haired or long haired. 

Size: They come two sizes: standard (16- 32 lbs) and miniature (11 lbs or under.)

Life expectancy: 12 years

Character: They are bold, with very strong personalities. This can easily spill over into stubbornness. Their bark is very loud for a dog of this size. They can make a very strong attachment to one person and will not necessarily like to share this person!

Energy level: Dachshunds need a moderate amount of exercise. Running around the house just won’t cut it. Exercise will develop their back muscles and help keep weight off. 

Most distinguishing feature: Long back. But, be warned. Dachshunds need to keep trim in order not to put too much strain on their backs. 

[7] Italian Greyhound

Her neck is hidden in a woolly jumper! ⁸

Origin: Perhaps dating back as far as the 12th century, these dogs have been bred to be both lap dogs and hounds that will chase any small, fast moving prey. 

Purpose: Most of these dogs are far more lap dog than hunter. 

Colours: black, blue and fawn 

Size: 14”, not more than 5 kg. 

Life expectancy: 9- 12 years

Character: These dogs are “high maintenance” because they will shadow you everywhere and then expect to sit next to you or even on you. 

Energy level: A real mixture. They are happy to lounge around but they will need a couple of short walks a day. Be wary to let them off the lead. 

Most distinguishing feature: They like to perch on high surfaces, such as window sills. 

[8] Whippet

Whippets were once a “poor” man’s Greyhound. ⁹

Origin: Developed in England in the 19th century, although derived perhaps from “small” greyhounds dating back to the 14th century. 

Bred by people who didn’t have the space or money to keep full size greyhounds. 

Purpose: Catching rabbits and used as a racing dog in parts of the U.K. 

Colours: 18 possible combinations on the AKC breed standard. This includes black, blue cream, Blue Brindle and Blue Fawn. 

Size: 21” 

Life expectancy: 12- 14 years

Character: Great companions and very affectionate with a wide range of people both familiar and unfamiliar. 

Energy Level: The same as the Italian Greyhound. 

Most desirable feature: They will only rarely bark. 

[9] Azawakh

Origin: West Africa- Mali , Burkina Faso, Niger. Named after a valley in the Sahara. 

Purpose: Chasing gazelles

Colours: Lots of colours. Red, sand, fawn, blue, black and brown. 

Size: 27”

Life expectancy: 11- 14 years

Character: Wonderful with familiar people, dismissive of unfamiliar people. They can be loyal and protective. 

Energy Level: Whilst they are happy lying around at home, they do need about 30 minutes of moderate exercise. And they love to chase any object that moves- from squirrels to skateboarders! 

Most desirable feature: They are fiercely loyal to family members. 

Closing Thoughts

Hopefully my descriptions of these nine breeds of dogs with long necks have helped take your thinking one step further. 

And if you like a dog with a frightening turn of speed as well you won’t be spoiled for choice.

Or perhaps, your favourite is now a Dachshund- which is without doubt the most unique looking long neck dog on my list. 

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