How Often Should I Bathe My French Bulldog With Allergies?

Did you know that skin allergies are one of the top reasons why a lot of dogs are taken into a vet’s clinic? Since this type of skin problem is quite common among many pets, you should educate yourself on what you can do if your pet has this issue.

French bulldogs, just like any other breeds, are susceptible to skin allergies. Their skin will start to dry out and get itchy if they have allergic reactions. It could be due to the foods that they eat or to whatever that comes in contact with their skin.

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If you are an owner, you might be wondering how frequent you can actually bathe your Frenchie with allergies and what other things you can do to handle the situation. Continue reading to learn more.

How often to bathe French bulldogs with allergies

Ideally, a Frenchie with no allergies needs a bath every 10 days. However, if you know that it has skin problems, it would be wise to seek the advice of a veterinarian as to how often you should wash your dog. In some cases, French bulldogs need frequent bathing. But there are also conditions that may require you not to bathe your pet for a while. This is why it is important that you take your pooch to a vet so it can be checked.

Depending on the type of skin allergy that your pup has, the vet may recommend bathing once or twice in two weeks. The doctor will also tell you the best type of shampoo and soap to use to help treat the allergies.

Common allergies that your Frenchie may have

There are various types of skin allergy that your dog could face. It could be seasonal allergies, which are usually caused by dirt, weeds, as well as mould, leaves, and pollen.

Some allergic reactions can also be due to fleas, medication, food, chemical contact, and fabric.

How to introduce bathing to your dog

Bathing a French bulldog for the first time could be challenging. But with proper training, this could get easier, especially if you start doing it when your pet is still little. Yes, a little Frenchie may be anxious at first, but it will definitely get used to it as time passes by.

Start bathing your Frenchie with two inches of water, and let it get accustomed to the feeling of getting washed. You can give it a treat of some sort to make the bath time more enjoyable. It would help if you praise your pooch too.

When washing your French bulldog, there are several things that you would need, which include shampoo, brush, towel, shower or bathtub, and lukewarm water. You will be required to be very patient too, especially if it is your first time giving your poochie a bath.

How to bathe your dog with allergies

When bathing a Frenchie with allergies, you need to be as gentle as possible. It is highly recommended that you use a rubber brush instead of the regular one with hard bristles. It is essential that you wash your pup using lukewarm water as well and not with hot water. Take note that their skin is quite different from that of human beings, so it is really important that you wash your poochie with lukewarm water as you would with a little baby.

While giving your French bulldog a bath, it would also help if you talk calmly. Let it feel that what you are doing is good and it is never meant to harm it. This is a good way of getting your pup used to taking a shower.

As you apply the shampoo, be careful not to get it into your dog’s eyes. Gently rub its body, especially those areas which are affected by the allergies. Once shampooing is done, start rinsing and make sure that you thoroughly do so.

After bath time, you can go ahead and reward your Frenchie to make it feel happy.

Choosing a shampoo for a French bulldog with allergies

Depending on the skin allergy that your Frenchie has, your veterinarian will most likely suggest a certain type of shampoo that can help control the condition. It can help avoid dandruff too.

What the shampoo would do is to eliminate the allergens that are aggravating your dog’s skin condition. It will hydrate the skin as well while it normalizes that number of good bacteria and yeast.

There are various dog shampoos that you can find in the market that are meant to help treat skin allergies, and most of them are made from organic ingredients. With that said, it is critical that you check the content before you buy anything. You can choose one with aloe vera or tea tree oil as these are known to be very gentle on the skin. They can also reduce irritation.

Other useful ingredients that you should look for include lemongrass, lavender, rosemary, chamomile, and eucalyptus. All of these work hand in hand when it comes to treating dog skin allergies.

When choosing a shampoo for your Frenchie with allergies, you must be extra careful. The last thing that you would want to do is use something that would worsen the skin allergies. Keep in mind that dog shampoos may vary when it comes to formulation that is why you really have to check the content.

What you need to know when using a medicated shampoo

In some instances, your veterinarian may require you to use a medicated shampoo to treat your Frenchie’s skin allergies. This is usually the case if a dog has fungal as well as bacterial infections. The most common symptoms of these skin conditions include hair loss and itchy or scratchy skin.

Before using a medicated shampoo, though, make sure that you have your dog checked by a vet. Once you got the go-signal, then start bathing your pup. Wash your dog’s coat first before applying the shampoo. You also need to focus on the areas where the allergies are.

After massaging your pup’s skin using the medicated shampoo, leave it for ten minutes before rinsing. This will give time for the skin to absorb the medication. As long as you follow your vet’s instructions, you should see improvements on your dog’s skin in a few weeks.