Why Is My French Bulldog Not Eating?

Is your Frenchie refusing to eat? ¹

In a previous post, I wrote about the problems of having an underweight French Bulldog.

Whereas in this post I will be looking in lots of detail about the reasons why a French Bulldog might not be eating.

When you notice that your Frenchie refuses to eat all of a sudden, it could be really distressing and worrisome. More so if it is accompanied by other symptoms like throwing up, shaking, or having a fever.

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 For most pet owners, the first action is to call the vet. But really, in order for you to come up with the right treatment plan, it is important that you determine the cause. So in this article, we have highlighted the possible reasons and what you can do about it. Read on.

9 Possible Reasons Why Your French Bulldog Won’t Eat

 There are many things that can cause your dog not to eat. Maybe he is just full. But if this goes on for like a day or two, then that’s an entirely different story.

 The following are the possible reasons why your pet does not want to eat:

 1.      Anxiety and Stress

If your French Bulldog is avoiding his food and keeps on pacing, whining, barking, yawning, or shedding, these could be signs that he is experiencing stress and anxiety. Yes, just like humans, dogs can be anxious or stressed out about something too. That causes loss of appetite.

Frenchies may experience stress and anxiety due to aging, fear, and separation. Depending on what is causing these mental disorders in your dog, the vet can provide treatment, which may include medications, training, preventative strategies or a combination.

2. Dental Issues

Another thing that can affect your French Bulldog’s appetite is dental issues. It is possible that he has loose or decaying teeth, gum infections, or probably cuts in his mouth. You can easily check your Frenchie’s mouth and see if any of the things that we’ve mentioned is present. Bad breath can also be a sign that can tell you if something is wrong with his teeth and gums.

Obviously, a dog that is suffering from dental issues won’t be able to eat well. He might not even want to eat at all, especially if he is experiencing pain. The best thing that you can do at this point is to take your pooch to a veterinary dentist.

3. Upset Stomach

A French Bulldog not eating and throwing up can be caused by an upset stomach too. Maybe he ate something that irritated his tummy. He may have diarrhea as well. In this case, it would help a lot if you give him bland foods, such as steamed or boiled chicken with rice. This should aid in neutralizing your pet’s stomach. If this doesn’t work, though, you might as well take your dog to the clinic so it can be addressed immediately. Otherwise, your Frenchie may get dehydrated and that could cause more health issues.

4. Medications

Have you taken your French Bulldog to the vet lately to get his shots? Or perhaps he was given some medications to take. This right here can affect his appetite as well. Take note that some drugs are appetite suppressant, but the effects should not last very long. Once they have passed through his system, your dog should be able to eat well again.

If for any reason your dog still doesn’t want to touch his food after a couple of days, take him back to the doctor.

5. Appetite Changes With Age

People tend to eat less as they age, and this applies to dogs as well. As years go by, French Bulldogs’ sense of smell will start to deteriorate too, and this causes them to be not that excited as they were before when they see food.

Furthermore, older Frenchies are more susceptible to developing health and dental problems. This is why they tend to eat less than the younger ones do.

6. Changes to Food

Trust me, Frenchies can be very stubborn! If you decide to change your dog’s food, be it the brand or the diet itself, he may not want to eat it. He will just sniff at the bowl without actually eating the food, and this could go on for days.

So how do you address this? First, you need to have him transition from his old food to the new one. Start by giving him about 70% of the old and 30% of the new. Gradually decrease the previous food and increase the amount of the new food. This should help your dog to adjust.

Also, you have to avoid giving your Frenchie snacks or treats in between meals.  This will encourage him to want his new food. This works the same way with the so-called starvation method.

7. Overfeeding on Snacks

Like what we have said above, your Frenchie will definitely not eat if he is still full from the snacks that you’ve been giving him. While it is nice to spoil your furry friend, overdoing it won’t really do him or you any good. So when you give him some treats, make sure that it is not too much.

8. Someone Else Is Feeding Them

Does it look like your Frenchie is full and you know for a fact that you did not give him any treat? Well, it is possible that someone else is feeding him. It could be anybody in your home, or perhaps your neighbor.

With this, you should observe your dog’s behavior and activities. If he goes out a lot, then somebody from your neighborhood may be giving him food. This is not bad, but you have to be careful because that individual may not know about your pet’s medical history. Your dog may have allergies with some foods.

9. Serious Health Issues

Some of the reasons that we have listed above are temporary causes of loss of appetite. But then again, if your Frenchie hasn’t been eating for the last 48 hours, that could be due to something more serious.

A French Bulldog not eating and lethargic will tell you that there’s more to it, especially if he is displaying unruly or aggressive behavior, diarrhea, vomiting, as well as rapid weight loss. If your dog does not eat and exhibits signs of lethargy, take him to the vet as soon as possible so he can be checked and provided with the appropriate treatment.

[2] What To Do if Frenchie Refuses To Eat

Aside from the things that we have already covered, there are other steps that you can take if your Frenchie does not want to eat. As long as it is not due to a health problem, you can try modifying his food. You can completely change his diet or add something more exciting to his current diet.

Another thing that you can do is to serve soft foods. You may also opt to utilize a feeding tube or syringe.  But if this does not work still, a veterinarian’s intervention will be needed. He can run various tests to have a better understanding of what’s causing the lack of appetite. He can also administer intravenous fluids, which are very much needed if your French Bulldog has stopped eating for two days.

Furthermore, the vet can prescribe antibiotics and appetite boosting drugs.

[3] Not Eating in Hot weather

Another similarity between Frenchies and human beings when it comes to their eating habits is the tendency to eat less in hot weather. This is because, if it is too hot, it will be harder for dogs and humans alike to digest their food. They could also be less active and that affects their metabolic rate. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you serve light food to your dog during the summer time.

To avoid French Bulldog choking on food, do not serve huge chunks of meat or vegetables. Cut them into pieces so it will be easier for your pet to bite and chew them. It is also advisable to feed your Frenchie in a room with lower temperature.

Taking your dog out for a walk on a regular basis will help too as this will allow him to burn more calories. He’ll surely feel hungry after walking a few times around the block.

[4] Common Eating Mistakes

Sometimes, it is our doings as pet owners that are making our dogs not want to eat. Maybe you rebranded his food overnight without following the correct way of transitioning from one food to another. Or maybe you don’t give him an ‘alone time’ when it is feeding time, and it makes him self-conscious when you are there watching him while he eats his food. Or perhaps you’ve been spoiling him a lot by giving him too many treats throughout the day. You should avoid doing all of these.

Additionally, you must find out more about what human food can French bulldogs eat. Always keep in mind that not all food items that you eat can be shared with your pet no matter how he begs for it.

Closing Thoughts

At some point in time, French Bulldogs may lose their appetite just like you. And in this case, you must determine the reason why so you would know how to properly address it. If it is something serious, you need to take your dog to the vet without any delay.

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