Older Dog Depressed With New Puppy

older dog depressed with new puppy

They say that the dog is the man’s best friend, and if you have a dog, you know that this is true. Because you love your dog so much, you want your dog to stay happy as much as possible.  As your old dog slowly fades, many families often decide to get a new puppy. …

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Old Dog Poops While Walking?

old dog poops while walking

Watching your dog grow old is no fun and when it comes to pooping while walking it’s downright heartbreaking. You cannot help feeling sorry for your companion of so many years, but you need to keep in mind ageing is a natural process and there’s little you can do about it.  What you can do …

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Why Is My Old Dog Losing Hair On Its Tail?

 Did you know that dog’s hair is 15 times denser than that of human beings? No wonder why they shed so much! According to Dr. Kathryn Primm, ALL normal dogs experience some degree of hair loss all year long, especially those who stay indoors most of the time and are less exposed to extreme temperature. …

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Dog Leaking Poo While Asleep

dog leaking poo while asleep

Well, this is an unpleasant surprise! Your house-trained pooch wakes up in a puddle of his own mess, looking sheepish and confused. While incontinence is a common problem for older dogs, younger dogs could also develop a lack of bowel control. In younger dogs, this could be a severe issue, and you should take poor …

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Why Does My Senior Dog Groan A Lot?

Why does my senior dog groan alot

You may have noticed your dog groaning a lot more than they used to, this can be especially frightening if they didn’t before. While it is certainly normal for some dog breeds to be a little more talkative than others, it is noticeable when your less vocal dog starts doing it more. Sudden and continuous …

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Why Your Dog Walks And Poops At the Same Time

A golden retriever walking and pooping in a field

Because, for most of us, our dogs are almost like children, they can take us on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Most of the time they make us go “ahhhh” with their innocence and unconditional love. Sometimes they make us go “nnooo!” as they are refusing to listen to us (yet again.) At other times, …

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My dog is getting harder to wake up!

If recently you are finding that your dog is getting harder to wake up, then there could be a large variety of reasons and most of them are things that you should worry about.  This article will come at this topic from the standpoint of old dogs- that the dog that you are struggling to …

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Is your old dog not eating and sleeping a lot? 9 Things To Consider

old dog not eating and sleeping a lot

Your old dog is your best friend, and nothing will ever take away the love you have for him. You’ve gained the best companion in life, someone who you can trust, but when you notice something isn’t quite right with him you feel an immense amount of anxiety flood your body. Having my dog is …

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Why Do Dogs Lick Their Beds? 11 possible reasons

why is my old dog licking her bed

Dogs lick. It’s their nature. But why do older dogs lick more than their puppy counterparts? And why, for crying in a bucket, do they lick their beds? I mean, surely, that’s not a pleasant experience. Or maybe it is? I mean, they sniff each other’s butts too. Gross. If your older dame is suddenly …

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Is your puppy playing too rough with your older dog? 14 Tips

puppy playing rough with older dog

You’ve just bought a new puppy, and you’re excited for the little one to meet their new friend. They meet, and you start to notice your little one is playing too rough with your dog. If so you’re probably wondering if you should intervene and what you can do to stop your puppy from playing …

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