13 Dog Breeds With Silky Coats


If you are a keen fan of those glossy adverts tempting you with stunning images of beautiful people with incredible hair?

Do you fancy a dog with a similar head of hair? 

Or do you just want a dog that you can spend hours grooming and teasing their hair?

If this is you, hold on tight because this post contains a list of thirteen dog breeds with silky coats.

And first up is one of the most iconic dogs with a silky coat..

[1] Afghan Hound

Commonly known worldwide by the name Afghan Hound, this breed of dog also goes by many other names such as TāzīBalkh HoundBaluchi Hound and the Barakzai Hound. 

A favourite of show pet owners around the world, the Afghan Hound is defined by its lovely long and silky coat. Interestingly enough, these dogs were bred especially so that they would be able to keep themselves warm in the chilly Afghan mountains. 

The Afghan Hound is a tall dog that can grow to around 61-74cm (24-29 inches) and can weigh 20-27kgs (44-60lbs). Its silky coat can come in pretty much in any color, though some will have a black facial mask.

[2] Chinese Crested

A perfect companion for couch potatoes, these cuddly dogs just want to lie about the house all day. Although they can take some time to warm to new people, once you have won them over they will be your shadow, following you everywhere you go. 

These dogs grow to about 11-13 inches (28 – 33cm) tall at the shoulder and can weigh up to 12 lbs (5kgs.) The dog comes in two varieties, a ‘hairless’ version which features silky hair on it’s head, tail and feet, along with a ‘powderpuff’ version which features silky long hair all over its body.

Despite his name, Chinese Cresteds don’t actually hail from China. In fact it is believed that the origins of the dog begin in either Mexico or Africa!

[3] Cocker Spaniel

Forever immortalized as the female lead character in The Lady & The Tramp, The Cocker Spaniel remains ever popular with US pet owners. From the late 1930s – 50s, the Cocker Spaniel was the number one breed registered with the American Kennel Club.

The Cocker Spaniel makes a great family dog with its good nature and cheery disposition. Although very adaptable to living in both large homes and apartments, the Cocker Spaniel does require a fair bit of maintenance to keep his coat looking silky smooth.

The smallest member of the American Kennel Club, Cocker Spaniel’s tend to grow to be about 14 inches (35cm) at the shoulder and can weigh up to 28lbs (13kg). Few dogs are as majestic looking as the Cocker Spaniel. His coat can come in a solid color (black or light cream to red to brown), or parti-color (two or more colors, one of which being white).

[4] Irish Setter

Originally bred as gun dogs in Ireland, this breed’s popularity soon spread due to the handsomeness of their coat. 

Irish Setters can be quite cheeky and boisterous, making them perfect for canine sports, or alternatively they can also make great family dogs too. Irish Setters can come in two different types, show and field. Irish Setter show dogs tend to be bigger than the field type with a thicker coat. In terms of coat color the Irish Setter usually comes in mahogany or chestnut.

Setters can grow to be about 27 inches (68cm) tall and weigh up to 70lbs (32kgs). The Irish Setter is best suited to houses which feature a large back garden where they can wear themselves out. It is also important to note that Setters can also develop separation anxiety if left alone for too long. 

[5] Silky Terrier

Similarly to the Irish Setter, Silky Terriers are also boisterous and energetic though in a much smaller package. Despite their appearance, the Silky Terrier is no pushover and is always up for an adventure. They can even be used for vermin hunting! That said, Silky Terriers are also very loving and great with kids and other humans, though they can be aggressive to other dogs.

Silky Terriers can grow to be around 10 inches (25cm) and weigh about 11lbs (5kgs). Their long straight coats can come in blue and tan. Silky Terriers require a fair amount of grooming to keep them looking presentable. Their small size means that Silky Terriers are suitable for living in both apartments and larger houses.

[6] Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier makes up for its small size with a huge personality. This terrier’s distinctive look along with its suitability to apartment living has made it the most popular toy dog breed in the USA.

That said, you may wish to invest in some ear plugs as Yorkies love to yap.. a lot. They are also easily injured so it is not always wise to leave them unattended with children. 

Yorkies usually grow to about 9 inches (23cm) and can weigh up to 6lbs (3kg). As these terriers are so small in size, it is not uncommon to see them travelling in style in a special dog purse. 

[7] Gordon Setters

Although originally bred to be hunting dogs, Gordon Setters can also make fantastic family dogs due to their affectionate nature. That said, similar to the Irish Setter, Gordon Setters are better suited to larger houses over apartments as they need plenty of space to burn off their energy. 

The largest of the Setter family, Gordon Setters can grow to be around 23 inches (58cm) and can weigh up to 80lbs (36kgs). They seem to have the magic combination of brains, beauty and bird sense. Their long hair can range from straight to slightly wavy and comes in black and tan color.

[8] Border Collie

A bright, energetic, fiercely loyal dog that is best suited for countryside living. Although in general they get on well with other people, they can at times be snappy and standoffish when meeting others for the first time. You will need to be sure that you can offer your Border Collie plenty of opportunity to exercise as they can be quite destructive if they are left to their own devices for too long.

These dogs can grow to be around 55cm (21 inches) and can weigh up to 20kg (44lbs). Border Collies can come in two varieties, one with a longer coarse coat and another with a short smooth silky coat. Border Collies can come in Black with or without white or red and white. 

[9] Flat Coated Retriever

These good natured and cheerful dogs can grow to be around 24.5 inches (62cm) tall and can weigh up to 70lbs (32kg). Although typically known as a gun dog, the Flat Coated Retriever loves nothing more than to please his owners. 

Slightly more elegant than a Labrador retriever, his lovely silky coat comes in black and liver colors with feathering at his tail and legs. 

Known affectionately as the ‘Peter Pan’ of retrievers, the Flat Coat Retriever never seems to grow up, maintaining their puppyish taste for mischief well into old age.

[10] Hovawart

An alert, loyal and intelligent companion, the Hovawart is a versatile working dog with an amazing nose! The Hovawart comes in three colors, blonde, black and tan.

Physically the Hovawart is quite a large dog, they can grow up to 28 inches (71cm) and can weigh up to 90lbs (40kg). Although incredibly intelligent they are also fun loving and can make excellent family pets. That said, these dogs are not recommended for first time dog owners as they require a lot of attention, however if you are keen to put in the effort they make excellent furry friends.

[11] Bernese Mountain Dog

 Originating in Switzerland, these working dogs are extremely versatile as they were bred to herd cattle, pull carts and be watch dogs. Unlike other Swiss breeds, the Bernese Mountain boasts a gorgeous, thick double coat. Typically Bernese Mountain Dogs are tricolored, with most of the coat being black with rust and white spots around the nose and feet.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are a large and sturdy breed growing up to 28 inches (71cm) in height and weighing up to 52kg (114lbs). However they are friendly and possess a calm disposition. These dogs are also a good option for competitions and obedience training. 

Similarly to the Hovawart, Bernese Mountain Dogs are maybe not the best option for first time dog parents as they can be quite energetic, they also drool and shed a lot requiring a lot of clean up. 

[12] Newfoundland

This breed takes its name from Newfoundland, the Canadian province from where it originates. The The biggest dog on this list, the Newfoundland is distinctive for its large, strong frame, they grow to a whopping 25 inches (63cm) and can weigh up to 150lbs!! (68kgs). They were originally used as working dogs, pulling nets for fishermen and hauling wood from the forest. 

They are a versatile breed, well accustomed to working on both land and water, however their good nature also makes them a suitable family dog as well. Their flat, water resistant double coat can come in a variety of different colors including black, brown, gray, or Landseer, a white coat with black markings.

[13] Sealyham Terrier

An alert yet friendly dog with a great sense of humour, Sealyham Terriers are known for their distinctive weatherproof white coat which features a mass of hair which covers their forehead. 

This little guy can grow up to 10.5 inches (26cm) and weigh up to 24lbs (10kgs) making them perfect apartment dogs. Their trainable nature also means that they are good with children.