What human food can French bulldogs eat? Check these 32 foods out!


Are you a Frenchie mom or dad, and you are wondering whether you can feed your dog with human food or not? While most vets would advise you to give only dog food to your French bulldog, it is hard sometimes not to share what you are eating with your pet. It’s heart-breaking to let your Frenchie watch you while you are indulging yourself in delightful meals. Just imagine those sad eyes staring at you. It would definitely melt your heart!

It is every French bulldog owner’s responsibility to ensure that their pets are being fed with the right kind of food. This is important because a dog’s diet can significantly affect his or her health.

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There are lots of dog foods out there that your vet might recommend, but, for sure, you are wondering if you can actually serve human food too. The answer is, YES. But you have to take note that not all table food are safe for your Frenchie. Some are safe, while others could pose dangers. Therefore, it is critical that you know which ones are highly recommended.

What Human Food Can French Bulldog Eat?


Experts say that all breeds of dog can eat bananas. This type of fruit contains potassium as well as Vitamins C and B6, which are all good for a dog just like your Frenchie. However, you have to be careful with the peel because this is something that is hard for a pooch to digest. If swallowed in huge chunks, it could block your pet’s intestinal tract, which could further result in complications or more health problems. The last thing that you would want to happen is bringing your dog to a vet for some kind of treatment.

Another benefit of feeding your Frenchie with bananas is it can help improve the digestive system because of its fiber content. But this does not mean that you can already serve bananas to your dog every day. Make sure that you still moderate this. One or two bananas in a week would be good.


People love to munch on apples as a snack, and so do French bulldogs. This is another fruit that your puppy can eat. In fact, it is the best choice because apples are rich in Vitamin C. They contain pectin too.

Furthermore, this fruit has low-sugar content, and so they are advisable to give to Frenchies that are suffering from diabetes. When serving, it is advisable that you take off the skin including the seeds. You should also serve it in slices so your doggie can easily bite and chew it. This helps avoid choking too.


In general, berries are good sources of antioxidants. They also contain fiber, Vitamin C, and phytochemicals, which are all beneficial to your furry friend.

Blueberries are very delicious, and, for sure, your Frenchie will enjoy snacking on them. You can serve frozen or fresh just as long as you wash them first to get rid of the dirt attached to them. This will also help ensure that your pet won’t consume leftover pesticides.

Just like any other human food that French bulldogs can eat, it is essential that you limit the amount of blueberries that you are feeding your pet with. If it is your first time giving this type of fruit to your dog, it is highly recommended that you minimize it. You can then increase the servings later on if you see that there are no side effects to your pet.


Pears are just like apples, except that they are sweeter and softer than the latter. They contain fiber too, including potassium and vitamin C. They are rich in folic acid as well, which is known to be quite useful, especially for pregnant Frenchies.

When feeding pears to your French bulldog, remember to remove the skin and the seeds. You should also slice them so your pet can easily eat and digest them.


Oranges are popular, especially during the summer time. I bet you refresh yourself with this fruit too on a warm day. So why not give some to your puppy too?

Yes, oranges are safe to be eaten by Frenchies as well. They are rich in vitamin C. But since they contain a lot of sugar, you must limit the servings. Do not serve a whole orange to your dog. You can serve half for starters.


Cantaloupe is a fruit that will greatly benefit your pooch. It contains dietary fiber as well as vitamins A and C, folate, niacin, and other nutrients that are useful particularly for young French bulldogs. The only downside is that this fruit is rich in sugar just like oranges. Therefore, you need to control the servings too.

Another thing that you have to take note about cantaloupes is that they are not good for Frenchies that have diabetes due to the high-sugar content. This will aggravate your dog’s illness.


Some doctors say that feeding artichokes to Frenchies are good for treating irritable bowel movements. All the parts of this vegetable are fine to feed your puppy with as long as you cut them into tiny pieces. You need to monitor the amount that you are giving too, and do not add any other ingredients to it.

What do artichokes contain that are good for your dog? They actually contain a bunch of vitamins and minerals which include fiber, Vitamin C, and magnesium. They have folic acid as well. Therefore, they are good for pregnant Frenchie ladies too.

Also, artichokes do have antioxidants, which are known as a great shield when it comes to fighting cancer and other life-threatening dog-related diseases.


Did you know that you can treat your poochie with eggplants as well? Yes, that’s right! But in moderation, of course.

Eggplants contain phytonutrients, which are essential in battling cancer and heart diseases.

If you decide on giving this vegetable to your pup, start with a minimal amount. And in case, you notice some allergic reactions, you should stop giving it to your dog right away as it may result in more serious health conditions.


This type of vegetable is known to aid in dog’s digestion. But this does not necessarily mean that you need to include it in your French bulldog’s diet every day. Keep in mind that too much is not good, so ensure that you still monitor the servings.

It is highly recommended that you boil or steam the cabbage before giving it to your furry friend. This helps ensure that the thiocyanate content will be removed. It would be best to cut the cabbage into tiny pieces as well so your pup won’t have a hard time eating it.


Do you want to give your dog a healthy snack with low-calorie content? If so, then go for carrots. But since this food is hard, it is important that you slice them into smaller pieces.

Out of all the healthy elements that carrots contain, vitamin A is the most essential aspect. It can help achieve optimal health. This vitamin is required for better skin health. It aids in the proper functioning of a dog’s nerves too.


If you want your pooch to have fresh breath, then feed it with some bits of celery. This is also known as a great help for weight loss and are highly recommended by vets due to its high-fiber content.

However, if you live in an apartment or a condominium, this might be a cause of a headache for you. You have to know that celery can increase the volume of your dog’s urine, and this would mean more visits outdoors.

In general, though, celery is good for your Frenchie. And like what we always say, serve it in limited amounts.

 Green Peas

Different brands of dog food have green peas as one of the ingredients. This means that you can safely give them to your puppy. These peas come with a lot of nutrients and they are also low in calories, that’s why they are healthy for your pet. But as a recommendation, you should serve the frozen ones and not the canned green peas because they contain preservatives and large amounts of salt as well, which are not good.


For sure, you love mushrooms on your pasta or other meals that you prepare at home. This is another human food that your pet can enjoy too. But then again, it is important that you don’t mix it with anything like onion or garlic. It is better to serve them plain. Also, beware of poisonous mushrooms.

When you shop for mushrooms, always check what the item contains.


Pumpkin is rich in fiber, and this makes it another useful food that you can have your Frenchie enjoy once in a while. The fiber content helps the digestive system. In fact, a lot of French bulldog parents vouch for pumpkin when treating diarrhea or whenever their pups seem to have an upset stomach.

Also, this food is very rich in vitamins and nutrients that can keep your Frenchie healthy and active. You have to be very careful, though, when giving canned pumpkins because they might contain xylitol, which could pose dangers like what we have said earlier. If you want your dog to be safe, you should just go for the fresh pumpkin.


As an occasional treat, you can give a French bulldog a slice of bread. Opt for a plain one as other elements, such as raisins, might irritate your pup’s tummy.

You must keep in mind, though, that bread is a source of carbohydrates that can easily put some weight on your pet. Of course, you wouldn’t want your Frenchie to become overweight, so ensure that you do not feed him or her with too much bread.


For breakfast, you can share your oatmeal with your puppy. But if you are one that loves to put some extra stuff on this kind of food, avoid doing so when serving your pooch. It would always be good to serve plain oatmeal instead because the extra ingredients could potentially harm your pet’s health.


Protein is an important element that should be included in your dog’s diet. One good source is chicken. Opt for the breast part to ensure that it is low-fat. Also, as a precautionary measure, you should remove the bone as this could choke your furry friend.

Furthermore, cooked chicken is more preferred than the raw ones as the latter could cause Salmonella infections.


Pork is another great source of protein. But just like chicken, it is highly suggested that you cook it. Avoid giving your French bulldog raw or undercooked pork since this could also cause some types of infection.

When cooking pork for your dog, stay away from too many ingredients because you will never know if some of them are dangerous to your pet. As for processed pork products, you should completely stay away from them because they contain preservatives and other chemicals that could harm your Frenchie.


During thanksgiving or any day that you feel like stuffing a turkey for dinner, don’t forget to save some for your Frenchie. Yes, your dog can have turkey too, but avoid giving the stuffed or seasoned ones. So before you cook the meal, it is better to set aside something for your pooch. Remember also to get rid of the skin and bones.


Beef is another common ingredient of most dog foods. It’s loaded with protein as well as other vitamins and minerals that your pup needs to stay healthy and strong. However, you have to ensure that you are giving lean beef. Just like when you are serving any other type of meat, avoid the seasonings and extra ingredients too.


A lot of people love to drink milk because of its many benefits. But when it comes to sharing this with your dog, you must be careful. You can still give milk, but it has to be limited. A few tablespoons would do it.


What makes salmon another great food for your Frenchie? It contains Omega-3  fatty acids, which have a lot of benefits. First of all, they can help make your dog’s coat look better. They can aid in improving a French bulldog’s skin, heart, and eye health too.

Furthermore, the nutrients that salmons contain can boost your Frenchie’s brain functions. The benefits of this seafood can go on and on. And with that said, you should start giving this kind of table food to your pup. He or she can even enjoy this with some vegetables on the side just as you would.


Just like salmon, tuna is a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids too. Therefore, you can expect that your dog will be able to enjoy the health benefits that salmon could give. The only thing is that, it is highly suggested that you serve plain tuna, and avoid those that come with spices because these could cause allergies. Instead of the canned ones, might as well treat your puppy with a fresh or raw tuna.


This type of seafood is a good treat for a Frenchie too, but never give it raw. Uncooked shrimps may have bacteria that could cause your pet to get sick. It is advisable that you cook them first and don’t add anything to eat. Make sure to remove the shells as well as they can pose choking hazards.

Rice or Pasta

Rice and pasta are rich in carbohydrates, which can help make your Frenchie stronger. But to avoid some issues, it would be better to serve them plain, especially if you know that your pet’s tummy is sensitive. Avoid adding seasonings or flavorings.

Additionally, if your dog is having diarrhea, this food group can help contain the problem as they are quite easy to digest.

Cooking rice or pasta is very easy too. You don’t need a cook book to prepare this food for your pet. It’s a no-brainer!

Peanut Butter

Here we go with another food that you might love snacking on, peanut butter! Who wouldn’t want to have their bread or even celery with peanut butter like Skippy? But the question is, is this something that is safe for your Frenchie? Yes, it is! Wooh Hooo!

You can give peanut butter to your pup as a treat, but you have to be quite careful with one thing. Make sure that the brand does not contain xylitol, which is dangerous to French bulldogs and to any other types of dog for that matter. This toxic is hard to digest, and it can cause several health issues, such as low blood sugar or hypoglycemia. It could also cause liver failure, or worse, death.

Just like what we have said above, it is critical that you check the ingredients when shopping for peanut butter. Get one that you can safely share with your pooch.


Cheese is a favorite of many people, but what about French bulldogs? Can they eat cheese?

The answer depends on two things; your dog and the type of cheese.

Like human beings, there are also some dogs that are lactose intolerant, which means that their system can hardly digest some dairy products. Some pups can eat this food group without any issue, while others cannot. The best thing that you can do is to have your vet check your Frenchie and see if he or she is lactose intolerant or not.

Cottage cheese and mozzarella are great choices for French bulldogs because they have low fat and sodium content. This is something that you should take into consideration when you are looking for cheese that you can serve to your pet.


You might be surprised to see this on the list, but, yes, you can definitely share your popcorn with your Frenchie while you are watching a movie on Netflix. But then again, just like the other foods that we have mentioned above, there are some things that you should keep in mind. Ensure that the popcorn have been well-popped. Otherwise, it could cause choking. Additionally, it would be better to serve it without salt or butter.

Popcorn contains vitamins, such as thiamine and riboflavin (also known as Vitamin B2), which can help promote good eyesight for Frenchies. They also aid their digestive systems.


You probably love to eat yogurt in the morning, and FYI, you can also give this to your French bulldog for breakfast. However, you really need to regulate the amount of serving. Take note that dogs cannot digest dairy as human beings do. It could result in serious digestive problems, so make sure that you give this as a treat to your pooch in small quantities.

Yogurts contain active bacteria, particularly yeasts and probiotics that are quite helpful when it comes to the digestive system. These “friendly bacteria” can also strengthen your pet’s immune system.


French bulldogs can snack on cashews too, but you should make it a point that it is not all the time. You can give your pet a small amount. You must know that too much consumption of cashews could make Frenchies become overweight, which is not good. This could result in other health-related conditions and even death.

Cashews contain proteins, antioxidants, as well as calcium, which your pet could benefit from.


You can serve eggs to your pooch but make sure that they are fully-cooked. Raw eggs, especially the white part, can cause biotin deficiency, and this is something that you don’t want your puppy to have. Therefore, it is always good to ensure that both the yellow and white parts are cooked.

Eggs are a great source of protein that a dog’s digestive system can easily process. In fact, this food can help treat an upset stomach too. You can serve your dog one or two eggs in a week. This should be safe enough.