Can Dogs Eat BBQ Chicken?

can dogs eat bbq chicken

Did you know that in 2020 over 271 million Americans used BBQ sauces and marinades..  Now I have no idea how much of this would have been placed on chicken.  But we know that chicken is the favourite meat in America so I’m guessing that the answer is loads.  But should we be feeding it …

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How much chicken can a puppy eat?

how much chicken can puppy eat

Bringing home a new puppy is very exciting, but at the same time you can find yourself feeling apprehensive and anxious. You may worry about what to feed your puppy and how much food to give, and what they would prefer. Most puppies would eat whatever you offer them, and chicken (in addition to high-quality …

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My Dog Swallowed A Chicken Wing Whole

scott eckersley R 7 ErUOLxw unsplash

Has your dog just stolen a chicken wing from the bowl on the coffee table?  You know, those buffalo wings that  your friends were meant to be eating whilst you watched tonight’s game? Or perhaps, you deliberately tossed your dog a wing bone to snack on and the bloody thing just swallowed it whole? That …

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Can Dogs Eat Old Chicken?

can dogs eat old chicken

No one likes wasting food or throwing it out once it’s getting old. While it might seem easy to feed our dogs the waste, rotting meat isn’t always a great option to feed your furry friend.  Due to a dog’s unique digestive system and their ability to quickly digest strange foods, like the bird they …

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Can Dogs Eat Chicken Stock Cubes?

Stock cubes are one of those staple “hacks” that we all have in our kitchen. They have been around since the early twentieth century when the likes of Knorr and Oxo started to manufacture and sell them. Which is, when you think about it, way before there was such a thing as “hacks”. Depending on …

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Can dogs eat Rotisserie chicken?

Have you just been to your local grocery store and been tempted by the cabinets full of rotisserie chickens. Have you just done a double take on the price? After all, they are cheap and who doesn’t like chicken? What dog wouldn’t like chicken?! After all I pay a fortune for his food at the …

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Can dogs eat cream of chicken soup?

can dogs eat cream of chicken soup 1

Many dog owners feel their pets could use a bit of variation in their diet, which they actually do, and try to make kibble more appealing by adding human foods. Cream of chicken soup sounds just like the perfect food to add to a regular dog’s meal. Plus it’s affordable and you probably have a …

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Can Dogs Eat Sesame Chicken?

can dogs eat sesame chicken

Although when it comes to takeaway food, pizza is the world’s number one choice, in the US Chinese is the King.  A survey in 2019 showed that the average Brit spent £451 on take away food and that Chinese food was the most popular. But should our dogs be joining us when we eat our …

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Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken Breast?

can dogs eat raw chicken breast

Although a raw chicken breast is a tasty, quick, nutritious and quite economical way to give your dog a treat, lots of raw chicken contains very harmful bacteria.  Raw chicken is thought to be responsible for 1 in every 4 food poisonings in the USA.  And OK that is a statistic about people, not dogs. …

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My Dog Ate A Cooked Chicken Bone

dog ate a cooked chicken bone

Accidents happen. The smell of fried chicken is irresistible to dogs so given half a chance they will steal it, even if that means rummaging through the trash can.  What’s done is done and beating yourself over this won’t solve anything. You need to be practical. And calm! While cooked chicken bones can be dangerous …

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