French Bulldog Anxiety Attack

You see your Frenchie pacing, barking, hiding, trembling, climbing onto you, scratching on your door as if he really wants to get out at all cost, panting really hard, and it seems like he is having a hard time breathing. What’s going on??? In the video below, you will see how ‘Brady’ is acting weird. …

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Is Your French Bulldog Making Weird Breathing Noises?

French Bulldog making weird breathing noises

 For most people that cute and crumpled face is what convinced them to get a Frenchie in the first place. Unfortunately, some novice pet owners are not aware that short-nosed dogs struggle with many respiratory problems. If your French Bulldog is making weird breathing noises all of a sudden, you must know that this is …

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French Bulldog Limping On It’s Back Leg? 11 Possible Causes

french bulldog limping back leg

In a previous article, I tried to answer the question why do French Bulldogs sit funny and a concern that came out of that was about French Bulldogs limping on their back legs- which is the focus of today’s post. All Frenchies are adorable, and they hardly ever sit still, even when they’re dog tired. …

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How Do I Crate Train My French Bulldog At Night?

crate train french bulldog at night

Crate training. In some circles, this is a controversial notion, but we’ve noticed that Frenchies love having a private space to call their own. It is a place for cuddles with their favorite blanky or toy, and a place to keep them out of harm’s way if you’re out for a bit. Experts say that …

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Do French Bulldogs Shed Like Pugs?

Do French Bulldogs shed like pugs

Dogs are awesome. One look at those puppy eyes and they crawl straight into your heart. You’ve recently decided that you need another pooch in your life, but you can’t choose between Pugs and French Bulldogs. Why not get the one that sheds the least, right? Turns out that, while both of these breeds shed …

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Why Is My French Bulldog Puppy Not Eating?

french bulldog puppy not eating

In a previous post, I wrote about skinny French Bulldogs whereas this post looks in more depth at concerns about Frenchie puppies that aren’t eating. It is very usual for a healthy dog to reject his meals or deliberately refuse to eat. A healthy French bulldog puppy will heartily attack his meals and clear up …

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Are French Bulldogs Lazy?

With their big bulgy eyes, bat ears, and short legs, French bulldogs are one of the cutest indoor breeds of dogs. And, no doubt about it, Frenchies have a reputation for being quirky and unique. I have already written a post looking at the question, why do French Bulldogs sit funny? And in this post, …

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Help! My French Bulldog Has Red Itchy Paws

french bulldog red itchy paws

If you’re a French Bulldog owner, you’ll know that this unique breed is adorable and wins over of nearly everyone they encounter. You’ll also know that they require special love and care since they’re prone to many medical conditions and allergies. Poor pups. If you noticed that your bat pig has red, itchy paws, know …

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Why Is My French Bulldog Not Eating?

French Bulldog not eating

In a previous post, I wrote about the problems of having an underweight French Bulldog. Whereas in this post I will be looking in lots of detail about the reasons why a French Bulldog might not be eating. When you notice that your Frenchie refuses to eat all of a sudden, it could be really …

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What is a French Bulldog’s Average Weight?

What is a french bulldogs average weight

This is the third or fourth article that I have written about French Bulldogs and their weight. Previously, I have written about having a skinny Bulldog and Frenchies that are not eating. Well in this post, I want to look at the whole idea of a French Bulldog’s average weight. A healthy dog should neither …

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