Why Are My Dog’s Balls Red?

Most dog owners get more exposure to their dog’s private parts than they’d care for. Even if you try to ignore your dog licking himself, sometimes you cannot help but notice there’s something wrong. Why are my dog’s balls red and peeling? Why are my dog’s testicles red and raw? Why is my dog’s scrotum …

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Why Are My Dog’s Balls Peeling?

why are my dog balls peeling

Why are my dog’s balls peeling? Now that’s an unusual question, one you don’t expect to hear in polite company, yet a valid concern for many pet owners. You’re probably seen your dog licking his privates a thousand times and you know what those parts look like. You don’t remember any peeling so it’s quite …

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Dog Leaves Odorless Wet Spot

A wet patch on a rug

Many pet parents are confronted with this problem – their beloved dog lies down for a nap and when he gets up there’s an odorless wet spot left on the couch. Even more baffling, the dog acts like nothing’s happened. There’s no guilty look on his face like he knows he’s done something wrong. Well, …

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Why Is My Female Dog Leaking Clear Odourless Fluid?

female dog leaking clear

This problem tends to appear right out of the blue. Your dog lies down for a nap and when she wakes up there’s a puddle of clear fluid where she slept. What is that? Is it dangerous?  Such leaks are more frequent than you’d imagine in female dogs and they do not indicate anything more …

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Why Is My Dog’s Occiput Getting Bigger?

A Bloodhound with a pronounced occiput

Did you notice that the small bump towards the rear of your dog’s head seems to be getting bigger?  The “smart bump” (officially called an occiput) is a normal part of a dog’s anatomy and seems to be more pronounced in some dog breeds, especially Labradors.  However, a change in size or appearance can be …

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Can Dogs Eat Pork Shoulder Bones?

dog eat pork shoulder bone

You know that guilty feeling you get when your dog begs for any leftover steak? You cannot give him that, but pork shoulder bones are safe and quite healthy for your dog. Cooked bones are dangerous as heat-processing makes them brittle, but raw bones should pose no problem to your dog. Pork shoulder bones are …

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Can Dogs Have Wet Dreams?

can dogs have wet dreams

There he is, sleeping peacefully in his corner and all of a sudden you see your precious pooch starting to make pretty suggestive thrusting movements. Could it be…? Yes, it most certainly could and there’s no reason not to talk about such things. In fact, many male dogs have wet dreams every now and then …

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7 Dog Breeds With Black Muzzles

A dog with a black muzzle with its head held high

Did you know that Bullmastifs were first imported to the United States by the oil tycoon John D. Rockefeller to guard his country estate? Dogs with black muzzles are some of the best dogs to adopt, which is why celebrities love keeping them. Some other famous people who keep, or have kept, black muzzled dogs …

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How Much Chicken To Feed A Dog Daily?

how much chicken feed dog daily

Did you know that chicken is the most widely consumed meat in the US? On average, each American ate nearly 50 kg of it in 2017.  It is also perhaps the cheapest.  Two reasons that influence why so many people would want their dog to eat as much chicken as they do.  In this article, …

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