How Smart Are French Bulldogs?

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How smart are French Bulldogs? This is probably one of the questions that you have in mind since you are planning on taking one home soon. Maybe you are anxious because this is your first time having a dog, and you are worried that you might have a hard time training him.

In general, dogs are smart. They display several behaviors that are related to intelligence. With proper training, they can learn how to appropriately react to humans, especially when given commands. But take note that the different breeds of dogs also differ when it comes to the level of intelligence. So in this article, we are going to find out how smart Frenchies are, and why this breed is the perfect choice for a pet.

How Smart French Bulldogs Really Are?

Frenchies are among the most favorite breeds in the world because aside from they are so cute, adorable, and can easily adapt to a new home, they are also very smart. Why do you think they star in some blockbuster Hollywood movies, such as “Due Date”?

In fact, some studies show that French bulldogs are smarter than the other types of dog. They are considered the most intelligent of all bully breeds.

This breed show their smartness in several ways, which include:

·         They Can Understand Emotions

Sure, Frenchies could be a handful, but they can understand emotions.

According to some owners of this particular type of breed, French Bulldogs seem to understand when they could be mischievous and when not to. A certain individual shared her experience with her dog at times when she was not feeling well. Amazingly, her pup was behaving really well. She stayed right by her side as if she was trying to comfort her parent.

·         They Can Sense Danger

Although Frenchies are gentle in nature, they can also sense when somebody, especially an outsider, has bad intentions. They may not bark that much, but they have other means of communicating with their owner when they want to give warnings. They may howl or yelp. This right here is another manifestation of a French Bulldog’s smartness. They find a way to convey messages.

Once you do have a Frenchie, it is important that you also understand what he is trying to tell you. In other words, the both of you should come up with a way of communicating. All this can be done through proper training.

·         They Can Follow Commands

French Bulldogs have the reputation of being stubborn. That’s a downside. However, this does not mean that they are no longer smart. They know how to follow orders or commands as long as they are trained well.

Again, just to give you a heads up, due to their stubbornness, you might have to repeat the commands a few times before they do it during training. Therefore, you have to be very patient. At the end of the day, training your dog how to follow orders is going to be worth it.

·         They Can Comprehend

Like what we have said earlier, French Bulldogs have starred in various Hollywood movies. This is another proof of their intelligence.

Before they film a particular scene, they also train the dog on what he needs to do. And if you have seen the movies, you will be surprised how well those Frenchies have behaved and acted. They can comprehend things, making them great actors too.

·         They Can Do Tricks

French Bulldogs are also good at learning tricks. They can “shake your hands” (using their paws), “kiss” you, “catch”, “fetch”, “beg”, “bow”, “talk”, “play dead’, and so much more!

There are tons of tricks that can be made by Frenchies, but this, of course, would require your assistance as you will have to train your pet. The bottom line is, they are ‘train-eable’, which is another evidence of how intelligent this group of dog is.

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Gauging a French Bulldog’s Intelligence

Back in the 1990s, Dr. Stanley Coren conducted a series of studies with the aim of analyzing how various breeds of dogs think. Just like any scientist or doctor would do when studying the behaviors as well as the IQ of human beings, the said psychologist also gave the dogs some puzzles and tests. From here, he monitored how long it took a certain canine family to finish solving the given obstacles.

French Bulldogs were part of the experiment. Although they did not score the highest, they still had a fair cut. The doctor had to repeat a certain command 40 to 80 times before this dog family did it. But just like what we have said in the first part of this article, Frenchies are known to be extremely stubborn. But this does not mean that they are dumb. It’s not that they don’t know how to do what they are told to do. It’s their willingness to do it.

The ranking was based on three categories:

1.       Instinctive intelligence

2.       Adaptive intelligence

3.       Working and obedience intelligence

Simply put, the reason why French Bulldogs did not score the best is because the first criterion refers to the ability of the dog to perform the activities that are expected from the breed. What was the purpose of breeding Frenchies in the first place?

Another reason why they scored low in the third criterion is due to their stubbornness. However, when it comes to adaptive intelligence, this is where Frenchies become the superstar.

High Adaptive Intelligence of French Bulldogs

Adaptive intelligence refers to the problem solving skills as well as the ability of the dog to learn from its environment. This is when you can expect French Bulldogs to really shine.

Most of the evidence that we have highlighted earlier fall under this category, proving that French Bulldogs have high adaptive intelligence. And with that in mind, we can conclude that this group is, indeed, very smart.

Can You Make Your Frenchie Smarter?

Dog owners or soon-to-be owners want their pups to be smart. If your choice of a dog is a Frenchie, then you are lucky because this breed has high adaptive intelligence in general. However, this group could be really hard-headed too, so you need to prepare yourself.

With lots of patience, though, you can certainly make your French Bulldog smarter. Here are some ways in which you can do that:

·         Early Obedience Training

Although it is already the nature of Frenchies to be stubborn, you can still somewhat eliminate this trait if you do obedience training early enough. Once the puppy is born, as simple as touching it while keeping it away from the litter for a couple of minutes will stimulate its brain to work, and this, of course, will increase its intelligence.

·         Daily Physical Manipulation

From the very first day you bring your Frenchie home, you should start physically handling it. This technique will encourage the young dog to accept changes more willingly. The stubbornness will be slowly eliminated, and it will be so much easier for you to make it follow your commands.

·         Regular Socialization

Socialization is important not only for puppies but also for adult dogs. Why? Because this exposes them to other dogs, human beings, and various scenarios in which they will learn from. For better results, though, it is highly recommended that you allow your dog to socialize as early as when it is three months old.

Just like a human baby, a dog’s brain at this stage is like a sponge. There is lots of room for learning. Therefore, proper training should be conducted as early as possible. If your dog is displaying bad behavior, correct it right away so he won’t grow up worse.

·         Continuous Training

There are many things that you can teach your Frenchie as you train him to be more obedient. You can have him learn new tricks, better ways of communicating, and so much more. You just have to continue looking out for things that could trigger his intelligence. That’s the best way to sharpen the brain of a Frenchie, or any dog for that matter.

·         Use of Praise and Rewards

French Bulldogs love treats. So when your pet is showing intelligent behaviour, you should praise him and give a reward like new toys or even delightful meals. Doing so will encourage him to be more obedient and to do better in every task or command that you throw at him.

Take note that a dog has a good memory too. So if you recognize the good things that he is doing, he will continue doing then and even strive harder so he will get more rewards. That is an excellent trick to make a dog smarter.

Closing Thoughts

French Bulldogs are a favorite of many people not only because of their cuteness, but also due to their adaptive intelligence. Yes, this breed is known for being stubborn, but with proper training, you can actually eliminate this trait. If you are patient enough, you can even make your Frenchie a lot smarter than the other dog breeds.