My French Bulldog Eyes Are Watering

Why are my Frenchies eyes watering

Are you aware that eye problems are the fourth biggest reason that dogs are taken to a vet? Healthy Paws studied their data, and they found out that 8% of the cases that they have are eye-related. 

And what’s more, the cost of the vet may run anywhere from $50 to $5000, depending on the diagnosis and needed treatment.

Yes, it could be really expensive to treat eye problems in canines, especially if the conditions have already progressed. For this reason, it is important that you watch out for the possible symptoms.

Now if you have a French Bulldog, and you have noticed that his eyes are watering, you are mostly likely panicking by now. You are probably wondering if that is a sign of a more serious problem that could lead to blindness. Or maybe you are asking if that is even contagious.

Should the fact that your French Bulldog eyes are watering, alarm you? Is it time to make a trip to the vet’s clinic? Continue reading to find out.

7 causes of watery eyes in French Bulldogs?

Excessive tears or epiphora (medical term) could be due to either over production of tears or the tear drainage is not sufficient.

To be more specific, one or more of the following could be the culprit causing your Frenchie to have teary eyes:

[1] Infections and other health issues

Just like humans, teary eyes in Frenchies may be a sign that they have eye infections and other health issues, such as conjunctivitis (pink eye), glaucoma, uveitis, and sinusitis just to mention a few. There are also so many things that can lead to these infections. Viruses, bacteria, fungus are some of them.

Aside from watering eyes, other symptoms of an infection in the eye include thick and smelly discharge, redness, squinting, blinking, pawing at the eye, and light sensitivity.

If your puppy is showing more symptoms other than his teary eyes, then it would be a good idea to take him to the vet as it could be something serious.

[2] Allergens

 Your French bulldog may tear up too simply because allergens like shampoo or even smoke has gotten into his eyes. It could be due to some foreign matters too like dust or dirt as well as his own hair.

If this is the reason why your pup’s eyes are watering, then it would just be an easy fix, a lot simpler than dealing with an actual eye infection.

[3] Unhealthy diet

Some dog owners may not be aware, but a poor diet can also lead to weepy eyes. So if you have just changed your puppy’s food, and you have noticed that his eyes are watering, then it is possible that he does not want the food that you are giving. Or it could be worse too. Maybe his diet is causing internal inflammation, which would then require the intervention of a veterinarian.

How does an unhealthy diet lead to watery eyes? In human beings, if the body does not want something, it will try to expel it through whatever ducts there is. It could be via the mouth, pores of the skin, anus, or even the ducts in the eyes. The same is true with dogs.

[4] Structural defects

Structural defects to eyes can make them water
Is your French Bulldog’s perfectly formed? ¹

Another possible reason that is making your dog’s eyes water is structural defects or congenital deformities, particularly that of the tear drainage. Maybe the holes were not properly formed.

In such instances, it is highly recommended that you visit an eye specialist. A surgery can be done to address this particular issue.

[5] Blocked or inflamed tear ducts

If your pooch is suffering from any type of infection, like sinusitis, his tear ducts may get clogged with mucus or even pus. Foreign matters may do the same. In worst scenarios, the blockage could be due to tumor or scar tissue.

Again, it is advisable that you seek the assistance of an ophthalmologist. To test if the tear ducts are blocked, a test, using Fluorescein may be conducted. If the stain confirms that there is, indeed, an obstruction, then flushing would be the next step. This may also require surgery and the use of anesthesia.

[6] Trauma of the facial bones

Some types of accidents can also traumatize the facial bones of your dog, which will result in watering eyes.If this is the case, then surgery may be needed.

[7] Teething

Teething can cause puppy eyes to water
Teething van cause a puppy’s eyes to weep. ²

Puppies that are still teething may also have weepy eyes. This could be because of the pain or discomfort. It could also be because they are having a hard time eating.

5 treatments for eyes that are watering?

As a concerned Frenchie owner, for sure, you are dying to know what needs to be done in order to stop the excessive watering of your dog’s eyes. How do you treat it? How can you ensure that the problem won’t reoccur?

There are various things that you can do to help your puppy out, and that depends on what the main cause is. If you are unsure, then it would be best to consult your vet.

Here are some things that could be done:

[1] Flushing with saline

 If the dog’s eyes are watering because of simple irritants, such as dirt or dust or a loose eyelash then this could be fixed by flushing with saline solution. This is the easiest way to stop the overproduction of tears.

[2] Antibiotics

 An infection is much harder to treat. It will have been present for a few days and it will require a vet visit so that a proper diagnosis will be done.

After that, the doctor may prescribe a certain type of antibiotics as well as medicated drops.

[3] Surgery

If your French Bulldog has a structural deformity of its eye then it might require surgery.

[4] Change of diet

This one is pretty cool. A poor diet can cause weeping eyes in a French Bulldog because their body uses tear ducts to get rid of toxins in their bodies. It is almost like a mild version of vomiting if you will- which is a very extreme way that body rids itself of toxins.

The change that you need to make is to buy a higher quality food. Spend as much as you can on food for your dog.

[5] Antihistamine

These can be used to treat allergies. They will need to be prescribed by your vet. Of course, if the cause of your Frenchie’s watery eyes is food related, you will need to treat your dog with new food not antihistamines.

4 Alternative Ways Help Your Dog With Excessive Tears?

Aside from the things that were discussed above, there are also simple ways in which you can somehow provide comfort to your pooch.

Take a look at the following:

[1] Trim his fur

If you see that the hair around your Frenchie’s eyes are already long enough, you should go ahead and trim them. This will help prevent more irritation, especially if the hair is already poking or covering the eyes.

[2] Wipe the tears

Treat water eyes by wiping them with tissue
Watery eyes can be wiped with tissue ³

Tears that have dried already could cause irritation as well, so you need to wipe them away. Get a paper towel or clean cloth and soak it in warm water. This should make your French bulldog more comfortable.

It may take a few days for the excessive watering to subside. Therefore, it would be a good idea to carry a handkerchief or tissue paper with you so you can readily wipe your dog’s eyes if needed.

[3] Consider a Collar

Frenchies that are tearing up tend to paw at their eyes. While your pet may think that this will provide relief, it can actually harm his eyes even more. The best way to avoid this is to consider letting your puppy wear a collar that will hinder him from touching his eyes often.

[4] Avoid Using Chemicals

There are tons of products out there that are claiming to be the best relief to watering eyes in dogs. However, some of them may contain harsh chemicals that will worsen the condition. Unless it was prescribed by your vet, stay away from such products as much as possible.

How to Take Care of Your Dog’s Eyes

Looking at your Frenchie’s eyes, you will see how much love and devotion he has for you. So, in return, you need to reciprocate these.

Eye care is an essential thing that you should also include in your pet’s daily grooming routine. Inspect his eyes and see if they are watering or have an unusual discharge. You can also check if there are other signs of eye problems like redness or swelling. If so, then take him to the vet’s clinic.

Additionally, you must clean your dog’s eyes on a regular basis. You should never touch the eye itself, though. Instead, clean the surrounding areas.

Closing Thoughts

Watery eyes in dogs could be a sign of a simple problem. But it could also be a manifestation of a more serious one. So if you notice that your French Bulldog seems to have excessive tears, the best thing that you can do is to have him checked by a vet. This will help you determine what the real problem is. Once that is done, proper treatment will be provided.

Your dog’s vision is as important as yours. Therefore, you must also take the necessary steps to take good care of it.

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