Can Dogs Eat Fruit Cake Or Christmas Cake?

can dogs eat fruit cake

Not only is fruit cake one of my favourite cakes, I think that it is one of my favourite foods.  And sharing a piece with anyone or even my dogs would be a bit of a struggle. And for an almost vegetarian who enjoys the variety of veg on offer far more than the meat …

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Can Dogs Eat Mangosteen?

Can dogs have mangosteen

Said to taste like a combination of peach, strawberry and lychee, Mangosteens are fruits which are native to SouthEast Asia and India. In recent years, the trees have started to be grown in Florida as well. Not only do they taste like a combination of a few different fruits but the taste is also meant …

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Can Dogs Eat Unripe Bananas?

Can dogs eat unripe bananas

Bananas are America’s favourite fruit.  On average each American eats 90 bananas per year.  And they eat more bananas than apples and oranges combined.  A big reason for the popularity of bananas is that they don’t need to ripen on the tree.  This allows them to ripen as they are transported all over the world.  …

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Can Dogs Eat Elderberries?

Can dogs eat elderberries

You like walking your dog, especially in the lush, woody areas. Who doesn’t? It’s so green and smells so good. The grass is thick underfoot, and there are all sorts of shrubs and trees with tasty berries and fruits serving as nice snacks for fur kids and humans alike. But, some of them are poisonous. …

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Can Dogs Eat Apple Cores?

can dogs eat apple cores

Dogs get their teeth into just about anything.  If you’ve ever left an apple core on the table and come back to find that it disappeared into thin air, you might worry that your dog ate the apple core.  Because most humans don’t eat apple cores, right? But why? What about dogs, can dogs eat …

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Can Dogs Drink Grape Juice?

can dogs eat grape juice

If grape juice is one of your family “staples” then doubtless you would know that one of the biggest brands in the US is “Welch”. What you might not know is that the company is named after its founder Thomas Welch who can be credited with creating grape juice as we know it today. Welch …

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Can Dogs Eat Guava? Give Your Dog A Boost of Vitamin C!

Can Dogs Eat Guava

If you’ve just discovered the many health benefits of eating guava and wonder whether this tropical fruit might be good for your furry pet, we’ve got good news for you. Guava is a healthy treat for dogs, especially the pink juicy flesh. However, you should exercise caution when feeding other parts of this fruit to …

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Can Dogs Eat Asian Pears?

We all love our dogs, and we want them to not only enjoy their food but be nourished by it.  We never  want to feed our dogs anything that could potentially cause them harm, so it’s always best to research food thoroughly before you consider giving it to your best buddy.  Today our topic is …

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Can Dogs Eat Jujube Fruit?

Can dogs eat jujube fruit

The small red date from Asia, popularly called jujube, is a sweet fruit with a chewy texture and apple-like flavor. Mature and ripe jujubes appear dark red or purple with a wrinkly body, and rich in carbs, fiber, vitamin C, proteins, calcium, and potassium. The jujube is a nutrient-rich fruit with many health benefits for …

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Are Strawberry Leaves Poisonous to Dogs?

Are strawberry leaves poisinous to dogs

Ah, strawberries, a refreshing delight in the summer heat. The best place to savor them? You guessed it, the local park, with your furry companion (of course). Just imagine the sun radiating with just the right amount of warmth, a slight cool breeze, and fresh strawberries to chill with, just perfect. Now, strawberries are indeed …

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